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Greg Capullo On His Scott Snyder Creator-Owned Comic - And The Creech
We have stuff at DC still too." Greg Capullo's The Creech Yesterday, Greg Capullo confirmed he is working on a creator-owned series with Scott Snyder It's not something new for Greg, his series Creech has returned a few times over the years, and he co-created Reborn with Mark Millar, though that was then sold to Netflix in[...]
Separated At Birth: Paramount's Monster Trucks And Greg Capullo's The Creech
The Creech is a comic book property first published in 1997 by superstar artist Greg Capullo about a monster created from hundreds of aborted fetuses (according to Wikipedia – the book's description on Amazon is dedicated mostly to explaining printing errors for the trade paperback, for some reason, and doesn't describe the story at all): . Creech[...]