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Sideshow Collectibles Reveals The Big Lebowski The Dude Figure
Sideshow Collectibles has revealed another one of their incredible sixth scale figures as The Dude returns That's right, The Big Lebowski fans are in for a real treat as Sideshow Collectibles unveil their beautifully detailed and highly articulated The Dude figure El Duderino is back dressed in his finest clothes around with a tailored V-neck,[...]
A new Big Lebowski poster is on sale at Mondo tomorrow.
The poster perfectly depicts The Dude at his bar in the living room with everything necessary to him- his White Russian, and his rug The only thing missing for me is the check for his gallon of milk It will cost $60 and is limited to only 200 pieces The three pins available are of[...]
Fathom Events Brings 'The Big Lebowski' Back to Theaters for 20th Anniversary
Starring Jeff Bridges as Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski, a case of mistaken identity leads to a job offer and the promise of recompense for his peed on rug. John Goodman plays Walter Sobchak, Viet Nam vet with a gun fetish and an ager issues, and bowling companion of The Dude Along with Donny (Steve Buchsemi), who is often out[...]