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Death of the Inhumans #2 cover by Kaare Andrews
He is tallying the lost while preparing for the parley with the Kree responsible for the atrocity He sends Karnak out to Hala first to survey the field and take stock of the situation However, Black Bolt waits in the shadows, deciding how to best handle the situation. Death of the Inhumans #2 cover by Kaare[...]
Royals #10 Review: Picking A Fight With The Gods
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Inhuman Royals have arrived at the World Farm of the Progenitors, the creators of the Kree race They need to get on the world's surface, which is protected by the Progenitors themselves However, even if they arrive on the World Farm, even then there are systems in place to protect the planets themselves. Meanwhile,[...]
Captain marvel
Thankfully, she is soon joined by her old friend and previous bearer of the Captain Marvel title, Mar-Vell of the Kree The two join forces to fight off Annihilus and save the planet they find themselves upon. I hadn't actually read many stories about Captain Mar-Vell until this past year, when I was given access to[...]
He loves Easter eggs — he told Collider he even worked the Kree Language into the sets of the Inhumans as often as he could. Here is what Reine said when asked about Easter eggs in the series: "Oh yes, and I'm fighting on a daily basis with Marvel about it Because I love Easter eggs[...]