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The Last Duel Review: All Men Are Trash As Execution Negates Intent
The Last Duel bombed at the box office Ridley Scott's Medieval legal thriller based on a well-documented true story was lavish, expensive, and had Important Film written all over it It didn't have the cultural impact that Ridley Scott or the studio hoped it would Scott has since gone on a "get off my lawn!"-style[...]
Director Ridley Scott Blames Millennials For The Last Duel Flopping
That was very much the case for The Last Duel, which came out only a month ago and that everyone has forgotten was ever released Some critics liked it, some really hated it, but no amount of reviews made people go out to the box office Apparently, Scott has set his sights on one group in[...]
The Last Duel Review: Why Men Need To Put Their Goddamn Swords Away
Performative feminism has reached its peak in The Last Duel, as amazing sets, costumes, and performances can't save what is fundamentally wrong with this story: the storytellers In this case, this is a metacommentary on the film itself, as director Ridley Scott and Executive Producers, Co-writers, and lead actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck need[...]
The Last Duel Review: All Men Are Trash As Execution Negates Intent
The Last Duel might have good intentions, but the execution of everything from the script to the multiple points of view to the duel of the title seems to contradict those good intentions. Director: Ridley Scott Summary: King Charles VI declares that Knight Jean de Carrouges settle his dispute with his squire by challenging him to a[...]
"Top Gun: Mavrick": Tom Cruise Talks The Aerial Sequences
Joining Top Gun: Maverick releasing around Christmas are Dune, Tom & Jerry, and The Last Duel As long as moviegoers are game, there is plenty of business to spread around these films, and now Top Gun looks to be the big winner Smart placement by Paramount. Spongebob Could Win the Summer Box Office With almost every other[...]