The Old Blood

Warframe Receives The Old Blood Update With Tons Of Content

"Warframe" Receives "The Old Blood" Update With Tons Of Content

Digital Extremes have added yet another update to Warframe as we now get the Kuva Lich, the Grendel Warframe, and more in "The Old Blood" Aside from those additions, which you can see below in both trailers and a few details, they've added some hotfixes to the game to do a quick repair or two[...]

The Old Blood Update For Warframe Is Now Available

The Old Blood Update For "Warframe" Is Now Available

Digital Extremes has officially released The Old Blood update into Warframe this week, and with it comes a whole reign of terror to deal with The Old Blood will introduce players to their immortal foe the Kuva Lich, as well as a brand-new Nemesis-like game system Plus, you get to meet the 42nd Warframe, the[...]