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The Order: 1886 Franchise Has A Future Says Developer
There was a tremendous level of buzz for The Order: 1886 right before it came out That didn't last for much longer after that though, as the game came out failing to wow audiences and critics alike. However, it seems like we might see another stab at the franchise in the future. Game Informer (via DualShockers) spoke to creative director[...]
The Order: 1886 Has A New Photo Mode And It's Pretty Robust
The Order: 1886 disappointed a lot of people in several ways, but no one could have any complaints about how it looked It really is one of the best looking console games ever released. That's why this new photo mode could actually be worth a few tries The add-on is live now and it allows players[...]
The SML Podcast – Talking About Broken PS4s And The ESRB

I give my reasons why I'm not just completely giving up on the console at this point, and it's mostly because I paid for the extended warranty, so I guess I spoiled it here. Other topics of discussion this week inlcude the release date for Neverwinter on the Xbox One, the then-rumored Xbox One Games With[...]
This Launch Trailer For The Order Focuses Even More On the Story
The Order: 1886 is out tomorrow and as marketing usually goes, that is means a launch trailer is always imminent.. Lo and behold, here it is This gives us our best look into the game's lore to date, covering the knights at the round table, the healing blackwater and those garsh darn werewolves Take a gander[...]
Get To Know The Characters Of The Order: 1886 In This New Developer Diary
Undoubtedly, one of the big draws of The Order: 1886 is the location and story Ready At Dawn are putting together a narrative that looks oddly unique set in a world worth exploring. A big part of that immersion will come from the strength of the game's characters There looks to be a whole band of[...]
Watch 11 Minutes Of Gameplay From The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886 is creeping ever closer to release and it's set to be one of PlayStation 4's biggest exclusives yet. To get you nice and primed, AGB have released eleven minutes of the game on to the internet It looks to be early on in the narrative too, as it shows some basic tutorials for[...]
The Order: 1886 Has Gone Gold, Getting A Trailer To Celebrate
No one seems to know what to expect from The Order: 1886, with initial reports saying the game was substandard, yet it getting better showings as time has gone on It means just about everyone appears to be approaching the game with non-expectant optimism That is always a healthy standpoint. The time for changes is over[...]
This New Trailer For The Order: 1886 Is Creepy As All Hell
If reports are to be believed, the jury is still out on The Order: 1886 The game has got mixed viewings out in public, but it seems newer builds of the game are slowly winning people over The game uses a mixture of third person shooting interchanged with scripted moments of action to try and[...]
Watch 15 Minutes Of The Order: 1886 Gameplay
While many have voiced concern about what the gameplay of The Order: 1886, I don't think there is anything bad about the idea of blending shooting, quick-time events and cinematics in one seamless sequence From what I have seen from The Order, it looks very cinematic. Now you can get a better look at what I[...]
From Witcher 3 To Evolve: The Biggest Game Delays Of 2014
By Sage Ashford Like every other industry, game delays are actually pretty common.  Most are usually small–a delay of maybe a month to bang out last minute problems.  But then there are others that can completely change everything for both gamers and the publishers, as a delay of a several months can majorly affect a company's[...]
Fighting for Supremacy – Sony's Press Conference At E3
Pushing on the exclusivity of everything the viewers would see during their hour, it was clear Sony didn't plan to sit on their laurels following the mauling they had given Microsoft's Xbox One the previous year. In fact the pace and style of Sony's offering was to do them credit for the early stages with the[...]