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Wonder Woman 1984 Credit Scene Revealed (Spoilers)
Yesterday, artist Tone Rodriguez posted on his Facebook page, read by a few dozen fans, the following retailer variant cover to the new Mighty Crusaders series that Rob Liefeld is writing and drawing for Archie Comics, with the first issue, The Shield Saying, Sooooo, this is Happening! The SHIELD #1 CAMELOT BOOKS AND COMICS EXCLUSIVE COVER From ARCHIE[...]
Will Rob Liefeld Save The Mighty Crusaders For Archie Comics?
There's been a lot of news swirling around Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld of late – 30th anniversary covers for Marvel, Snake Eyes at IDW, a brand-new superhero team no longer being launched by NFT, that eight-year-old Kickstarter that folk have definitely not forgotten about, and more, but something that may have slipped the mind of[...]
Rob Liefeld Recreates The Shield and The Mighty Crusaders For Archie
It was a bit meta. Rob Liefeld Recreates The Shield and The Mighty Crusaders For Archie And now Liefeld is relaunching The Shield, Archie Comics' own American patriotic superhero, with Jack Morelli, as well as Liefeld reinventing the rest of Archie's Mighty Crusaders superhero line The four-issue series of one-shots begins on the 30th of June with[...]
Coyote: CBS All Access Posts Border Drama Opener on YouTube for Free
All Rights Reserved Joining the Emmy Award-winner Chiklis (The Shield, American Horror Story) on the streaming series is Juan Pablo Raba as Juan Diego "El Catrin" Zamora, the head of a small family cartel in Mexico, as well as Adriana Paz, Kristyan Ferrer, Octavio Pisano, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams, Julio Cedillo, and newcomer Emy Mena Here a[...]
Coyote | Official Trailer | CBS All Access
Clemens will find his ideologies challenged and his loyalties questioned when CBS All Access premieres all six episodes of crime drama Coyote on Thursday, January 7, 2021- when it becomes all too clear that some of the deadliest threats he faces are "red, white, and blue." Coyote | Official Trailer | CBS All Access Joining the Emmy[...]
An Interview with Renee Balcer, Showrunner of FBI: Most Wanted
"Law & Order" – the mothership – though our detectives rarely fudged evidence or manhandled a suspect, and when they did, they – and the case – suffered for it); or well-meaning but deeply-flawed cops who transgress the rules to catch the bad guys ("NYPD Blue" – but to be fair, Sipowitz's brutality, racism, and[...]
A look at series finales for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and more (Images: AMC/ViacomCBS).
Much to the chagrin of friends I've debated in the past (and with the understanding that this was in no way, shape, or form run by the rest of the BCTV team), I get to use my lofty title as "Television Editor" to throw out some lofty proclamations on the series-enders for Six Feet Under,[...]
The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.
This cover prominently features the Shield escaping an Egyptian sarcophagus as he goes to save a woman from men dressed in ancient Egyptian garb Pep Comics #8 came out in 1940 when America was still entranced by Egyptomania I've touched on this before in my Lauren Looks Back series, but this was always popular even[...]
The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.
We're still exploring the early issues of Pep Comics, with today's focus on Pep Comics #6. This cover is yet another impressive WWII themed cover of Pep Comics by Irv Novick, showcasing The Shield fighting the Axis Powers This issue has Shield — in his civilian disguise — watching senators argue within the Senate Chamber located[...]
The Diving Into The Comic Vault logo. Photo: Baltimore Lauren.
The Shield is underwater, fighting enemy subs Artist Irv Novick did an exceptional job with making Shield look like he really was fighting underwater The colors are used well, and his expression is that of a confident hero who can take on the entire Axis. This issue of The Shield episode starts with our hero underwater[...]
'S.W.A.T.': Shawn Ryan Teases Crossover with 'The Shield' [VIDEO]
While fans of screenwriter/producer Shawn Ryan have embraced two seasons of his CBS crime drama S.W.A.T., there's no denying that Ryan is still wildly – and fondly – remembered for his work in created FX's The Shield Airing from March 2002 to November 2008 and starring Michael Chiklis as uber corrupt Det Vic Mackey, the[...]
Stephanie McMahon
She gets interrupted by The Shield And oh hot damn, Roman Reigns is back. All is right with the world again… 🛡🛡🛡 #RAW #SurvivorSeries — WWE (@WWE) November 14, 2017 After being distracted by The New Day last RAW, which cost them their titles, they want revenge As a result The Shield and The New Day will be[...]
Betty & Veronica: Vixens Lead The Archie Comics November 2017 Solicitations
This includes a new Betty & Veronica series along with more Riverdale and classic Archie comics series. DARK CIRCLE THE SHIELD: DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION VOL 1 Over the centuries, THE SHIELD has battled enemies of the United States—but what happens when she's not sure who the enemy is? This graphic novel collects THE SHIELD issues 1-4. Script: Adam[...]