Diving Into the Comics Vault: Pep Comics #5

Welcome back to another episode of Diving Into the Comics Vault! We're now five issues into MLJ's flagship title, Pep Comics.


This issue of Pep Comics features a rather striking cover. The Shield is underwater, fighting enemy subs. Artist Irv Novick did an exceptional job with making Shield look like he really was fighting underwater. The colors are used well, and his expression is that of a confident hero who can take on the entire Axis.

This issue of The Shield episode starts with our hero underwater. He has successfully stopped a Mosconian sub off the shores of Pearl Harbor, and is now on his way back to Washington D.C. Of course, this angers the Mosconian's even further, who are hatching a plot to take down Shield once and for all. The art in this story is outstanding. Given that most of the story takes place underwater, the inkers went above and beyond to give the story an underwater feeling. The story itself is good, but the art outshines in this episode of Pep Comics.

The cover to Pep Comics #5

We then go into The Comet's next adventure. While he's out avoiding the cops, our hero crosses paths with a journalist. The two witnesses a weird car crash, which causes Comet to go after the driver of one of the cars — public enemy number 1, Stinger Lee. The Comet has had exceptional growth since we've met him. And now with his budding relationship with a journalist, we may see him become a proper vigilante.

The rest of this issue of Pep Comics gives us the continuation of The Press Guardian, who fights enemies of the press. Fu Chang, Prince Buttonhead, Sergeant Boyle, The Midshipman, The Rocket and the Queen of Diamonds, What Coyotes Eat, Kayo Ward, and Bentley of Scotland Yard round out this issue. Bentley has really developed into a great monster story, with some wild art and characters.

I've been enjoying Pep Comics thus far. I wish Archie Comics would put out some kind of hardcover collecting their pre-Archie days. These stories are fun, and a good way to see how life was during WWII.

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