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Adult Swim has "retired" some eps of their shows on HBO Max (Images: Adult Swim)
In addition, stop-motion animated series The Shivering Truth had the episode "Ogled Inklings" taken down ("temporarily rested") from the streamer for reasons listed as "sensitivity around current events," though an HBO Max spokesperson says the episode will "be returning to the site and included when the series debuts on" the streaming service. From Scrubs and[...]
Adult Swim Adds Surreal Comedy 'The Shivering Truth', Fantasy Satire 'Tigtone'
Adult Swim is adding two new original animated comedy projects to their twistedly original programming slate: Vernon Chatman's surreal stop-motion series The Shivering Truth; and Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martin's medieval fantasy series Tigtone Although dramatically different series on just about every front, you can see from the series' synopses below that both projects clearly[...]