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[REVIEW] The World Next Door
Viz Media has updated The World Next Door with a free "Versus Mode" update today on both PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch editions of the game Versus Mode offers players the ability to hone their battle skills in local 2-player PvP to see who is better at using puzzles to cast spells. It's a pretty basic 1v1[...]
[REVIEW] The World Next Door
credit// Viz Media [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Viz Media and Rose City Games' The World Next Door is a narrative based action anime game which follows rebellious teen Jun who gets stuck in a world of demons Thr game is a combination of third-person isometric exploration, puzzle solving, and narrative choices. The levels are designed rather simply, but with immense detail[...]
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(Switch) Warparty (PC, PS4, Switch, XB1) The World Next Door (Switch) March 29th Assassin's Creed III: Remastered (PS4, XB1) Counter Fight (PS4) GODS Remastered (PS4) Legendary Eleven (PS4) Operencia: The Stolen Sun (XB1) Siralim 3 (PS4) The End Is Nigh (PS4) Yoshi's Crafted World (Switch) March 31st American Ninja Warrior (PS4, Switch, XB1) We close out the month of March with a ton of video game releases, the[...]
VIZ Media Unveils Release Date for The World Next Door
Back at PAX West 2018, we fell in love with VIZ Media's very first video game, The World Next Door, and couldn't wait to play more Now we know when we'll be able to do just that, as the company released a new announcement trailer letting us know the game is coming on March 28th[...]
Puzzle Combat Galore with The World Next Door at PAX West
One of the nice surprises at PAX West was to see a game from VIZ Media and Rose City Games called The World Next Door The game has a simple enough premise that's kinda fun Every so often, specific portals open up and people can visit between worlds One that's very much like earth and[...]
VIZ Media Partners with Rose City for Game Development
The first titles on the docket will be a supernatural action/adventure game called The World Next Door, featuring character designs by illustrator Lord Gris Below are a couple quotes from both companies about the new venture; no timetable has been put together yet as to when we'll see the game released, but the safe bet would[...]