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J.K. Rowling Rips Sexist Insults Against Theresa May In Wake Of UK Election
Rowling has taken to Twitter for a fourteen-tweet message for men using sexist insults against Theresa May, even though Rowling herself is no fan of the Prime Minister (though the Prime Minister is a fan of hers). If you can't disagree with a woman without reaching for all those filthy old insults, screw you and your politics[...]
Comics Folk Wake Up To Weird Britain, And React To The UK General Election Results
But I wish I could have used this photo from Theresa May's own seat results. She might resign She might not Corbyn hasn't resigned Paul Nuttall has. But all sorts of comics folk wanted to chime in. Paul Nuttall being delusional However, he has resigned so here's Nigel, waiting giggling in the wings #GE2017 — Mike Collins (@MIKECOLLINS99) June[...]
Welcome To Weird Britain – What The UK General Election Might Mean
After some shuffling, deals, backstabbing and other resignations, Theresa May was elected by the Conservative Party, unopposed, as their leader and, as a result, the new Prime Minister That's how it works. For Americans, we don't have a President, but it's as if the Electoral College was the legislature, and the executive drawn from within its[...]
Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here
Already, we have seen Oscar- nominated creators prevented from attending the Academy Awards, doctors unable to travel to the States, Iranian scientists refused entry to work on cures for diabetes, UK citizens forced to make expensive alternative arrangements to get home so as to avoid landing in the US, and even a five year old[...]