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Still Need Some Summer Beachwear? ThinkGeek Has Swimsuits Galore!

Lounging by the pool or lying on the beach are my favorite things. They just scream summer — and relaxation as well! I love the water, and I love swimming. But finding the perfect swimsuit can be a hassle — thankfully, ThinkGeek has exactly what I want: Fun, geeky swimsuits. They'll boldly take you where […]

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Get Your Superhero Gear Ready for Incredibles 2 with ThinkGeek

Incredibles 2 opens in a few short weeks (June 15th!), so get ready to grab your super suit and head to your local theater. Don't have a super suit, or any Incredibles gear? Fear not! ThinkGeek has just what you need to get super ready for Incredibles 2. Check out the super items below. Disclaimer: […]

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ThinkGeek is Celebrating Geek Week All Week Long!

Happy Geek Week, everyone! All week long ThinkGeek will be offering deep discounts to a number of items in their store. From superheroes to time lords, ThinkGeek has exactly what geeks from all over the world want. Below are some of the items I personally love, but take a look around. There is something for […]

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Gifts for Geeky Moms: Wonder Woman Spa Gift Set from ThinkGeek

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, and if you're like me, you're always hard pressed to find something amazing for her. After all, moms are pretty great. ThinkGeek has a number of terrific Mother's Day items, but I was drawn to this Wonder Woman Spa Set! The set contains a plush robe, eye mask, […]

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Still Need the Perfect Gift for May the Fourth? ThinkGeek Has You Covered

In a mere few days it will be May the Fourth. If you're still looking for that perfect last-minute gift, ThinkGeek has you covered. Below are just some of my favorite things, from R2-D2 chargers, coffee presses, bowls, and of course apparel. All of these magnificent things will take you to a galaxy far, far […]

Jurassic Park's T-Rex Gets a New Statue Exclusive to ThinkGeek

Jurassic Park's ultimate dino, the T-Rex, has a new statue up for order now from ThinkGeek. Featuring the colossal creature roaring and ready to strike on a Jurassic Park logo base, the statue measures out to be 12 inches long. This is a ThinkGeek exclusive and is being released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of […]

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Geek Chic: These Black Panther Accessories are Powerful and Bold

The costumes in Black Panther are downright stunning. The vibrant colors, the sleek and stylish fighting suits, and even the accessories were amazing. So it's no wonder that Marvel would want to translate that into sales. Recently I got my hands on the Loungefly Black Panther Purse and Claw pendant necklace from ThinkGeek. The purse […]

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Planning to See Black Panther? Go in Style!

If you have a pulse, there's a 97% chance you're hyped for the Black Panther movie. And honestly, I am too. It looks incredible. If you're heading to see the movie and are in need for something to wear, look no further than ThinkGeek. They've recently released a few Black Panther fashion items, including shoes, […]

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Geek Chic: ThinkGeek's Faith Sweater is Perfect for the Heroes in Your Life

Recently ThinkGeek released an exclusive clothing line in conjunction with Valiant Comics, celebrating all things Faith! The line has three sweaters, so I knew I had to get one. I decided on the Valiant Harbinger Unisex Sweater. What's nice about this is that it's not overtly nerdy. You could get away with it on casual […]

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ThinkGeek's Star Wars Plush Bouquet Is an Out-of-this-World Gift!

ThinkGeek has been getting ready for Valentine's Day — since it will be here before we know it — and they have the perfect gifts to woo or delight those you love. For me personally, I was instantly smitten by the Star Wars plush bouquet. Why? There's a Porg. I love Porgs. The packaging is attractive, […]

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ThinkGeek and Valiant Team Up for This Fantastic Faith Clothing Line!

ThinkGeek and Valiant Comics have teamed up to release a line of clothing based on the hero Faith! The line only consists of three sweaters, but they're all pretty fantastic. The two cardigans list for $49.99, while the sweater lists for $59.99. Sizes range from small to 4x, and the simple design is even work […]

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Get Ready for Valentine's Day with New Plush Bouquets from ThinkGeek!

Looking for something to woo your love with this Valentine's Day? Or maybe you're looking for a gift for yourself or a friend? Well, fear not! ThinkGeek has released these fantastic — and adorable — new Plush Bouquets for the popular line, just in time for Valentine's Day! The bouquets run from $29.99-79.99 depending on […]

Game of Thrones ornaments

Winter Is Here: Game of Thrones Ornaments from ThinkGeek

Winter is indeed here in the United States. It's cold. It snowed here the other day. Whenever it gets cold, I always think of the most often-referenced line from Game of Thrones: Winter is coming. Well damnit, Ned Stark, winter is here. And what better way to celebrate than with Game of Thrones ornaments from […]

Human Holiday

Have a Very Schwifty Human Holiday with ThinkGeek!

If you're on the internet, you've no doubt heard of Rick and Morty. If you haven't, I'm impressed. Almost everyone seems to be into the show, so no doubt some people will want to incorporate Rick Sanchez into their holiday gathering. Well, humans, you're in luck. ThinkGeek has a few items to help you get […]

Giving Her All She's Got! We Review The Star Trek Warp Core Car Charger

We got some awesome items from Think Geek in the mail recently, and while most of them are of a specific nature we'll get to later, we did get some awesome additions that we thought about checking out The first on that list was the Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger.This[...]

Lauren's Last Call: Japanese Halloween Snacks From Mitsuwa Marketplace

The best part about Halloween is probably the candy and sweets that come out during this time. Granted you can get this stuff any other time of the year, but I love the Halloween gimmick. Join me as I try various Halloween (and just cool) candy and sweets from Mitsuwa Marketplace! can't be loaded […]

Think Geek's New Marvel Gear Is Out Of This World

Recently, Think Geek and Marvel just launched their new Gear Up clothing line The collection features clothing inspired by everyone's favorite heroes, from Thor to Star Lord--there's something for everyone! I was lucky enough to get some pieces from the collection, and let me tell you This stuff is magical.[gallery columns="2" ids="737702,737701"]First up, is this[...]

Halloween Decorating In Style With ThinkGeek!

On September 30th, I took to my front yard to start decorating for Halloween, the greatest holiday of the year. I have your run-of-the-mill tombstones, bones, and yard signs. But this year I wanted to do more, and my friends at ThinkGeek were there to help! First, let's talk about these awesome zombie flamingos. Who […]