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'This Is The Police' Gets A Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer
One of the cooler titles I got to play last year was This Is The Police, where you serve as a police chief on his last few months before retiring in a corrupt city where you've been taking your fair share of kickbacks Now you either need to save up for retirement, bust all the[...]
Fighting Crime While Building A Corrupt Pension In 'This Is The Police'
That's probably going to change as the game has just hit consoles this week, so we're going to take a proper look at This Is The Police. You are a 60-year-old police captain who is essentially being forced into retirement It couldn't have come at a worse time, too Your deputy has been caught with ties[...]
THQ Nordic Teases Surprises For PAX East Attendees
Just fresh off their campaign to remove Red Faction II from Germany's infamous list of entertainment deemed harmful to young people, aka "The Index",  THQ Nordic has announced their PAX East 2017 lineup which includes the seven games above. As expected, ELEX, Spellforce 3, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Lock's Quest, and This Is The Police will all be[...]