This War of Mine

"This War Of Mine: Final Cut" Gets A Free 5th Anniversary Update

"This War Of Mine: Final Cut" Gets A Free Fifth Anniversary Update

11 Bit Studios have released a brand new update for This War Of Mine: Final Cut, making the game's fifth anniversary with a free gift. You can download the update totally free as we speak, as the devs put a bow on what they are referring to the "crowning version" of the game. Along with […]

Epic Games Store Can Now Do Cloud Saves For Specific Games

While the Epic Games Store is buying up games to serve as competition to Steam, the developers are trying to upgrade the system to be at the same level as the platform. If you've been following their progress at all, you'll know that they've made some promises of things they were going to add and […]

This War of Mine: Stories will Launch on Mobile Next Week

This War of Mine: Stories is a more story-based spinoff of 11 bit studios' survival game This War of Mine. Stories focuses much more on the narrative of various characters living through the Siege of Sarajevo, without as much of the action and survival focus that was the base of the main game. The first episode […]

This War of Mine: Stories Receives New DLC with "The Last Broadcast"

11 Bit Studios has released the latest (and long-anticipated) installment for This War of Mine: Stories called "The Last Broadcast". You can download it today for just $4, or $7 along with all the other DLC they've released as part of the Season Pass. Enjoy the story's description and the trailer below. The Last Broadcast tells […]

Over 75 Games are on Sale During GOG's Made in Poland Sale This Weekend

This week marks the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence, which means GOG.COM is holding a massive sale on all games developed and published in Poland. Some games are marked down by 90%, however, the deal also includes a free giveaway of the Video Game Show – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt concert. The free digital […]

This War of Mine is Free to Play For The Rest of the Week

Developer 11 bit has made its previous game This War of Mine free to play until Sunday. This War of Mine is an excellent little title. It came out towards the end of 2014, and really offered something unique to the gaming landscape. By combining management, survival and narrative genres together, the game took the […]

'This War Of Mine' Marks Anniversary With New DLC

Three years ago, This War Of Mine came out and put a focus on life after the war rather than making it all about the war. A bold step that got 11 Bit Studios rave reviews for the game's innovation in storytelling. This week, the company marks that anniversary with a new DLC campaign called […]

This War of Mine Hits Smartphones Today

By Adam Cook Critical hit This War of Mine from 11 bit studios)has been released on iOS and Android smartphones today. It's a game well worth considering, as it has almost XCOM-like management mechanics, and while not quite as deep, they'll accompany as you traverse a war torn country, trying to scavenge and survive. There's a […]

This War Of Mine Gets New DLC To Help War Child Charity

[youtube][/youtube] This War of Mine was one of the very best games last year. I loved it so much, I ended up giving it a special mention in our Game of the Year awards. Developer 11 Bit Studios has announced that it's doing something really special too. You can now buy the War Child Charity […]

Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2014

So here it is, Game of the Year, where I'm gifting the grand title that acknowledges the excellence in gaming in 2014. If you didn't check out the list of individual awards I handed out yesterday you should take a look. It has been an eclectic year for games with no real front runner emerging […]

Bleeding Cool's Gaming Awards 2014 (Excluding Game Of The Year)

So that is another year just about wrapped up and done. 2014 has been a complicated one for the gaming industry and in many ways, it was a year where lots of previous hot topics boiled over into more concrete circumstance. Publishers beings slaves to their release dates caused a large number of games to […]