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Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross

Captain America #2 Review: The Mind of the Legend

After putting down another attack, Thunderbolt Ross arrives to tell the Captain to stand down Steve refuses, and Ross begins making veiled threats Later, Steve confides in Sharon Carter.[caption id="attachment_897567" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross[/caption]Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to show that he is very well-suited for the role of Captain America writer[...]

What Jack Kirby Means To A Comic Fan, Critic, And Aspiring Creator

On August 28th, 1917, Jacob Kurtzberg was born in Manhattan. He was born to a pair of Austrian Jewish immigrants. He took to drawing quickly, starting in comic strips in 1936, and, in 1940, he teamed up with Joe Simon to create Captain America and Bucky Barnes. It's weird to think that a man born […]