Captain America #2 Review: The Mind of the Legend

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Captain America reflects on the day he received the Super Soldier Serum as he continues his crusade against the brigade of Nukes that are spreading chaos across the United States. After putting down another attack, Thunderbolt Ross arrives to tell the Captain to stand down. Steve refuses, and Ross begins making veiled threats. Later, Steve confides in Sharon Carter.

Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross
Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross

Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to show that he is very well-suited for the role of Captain America writer. He is fantastic at focusing on the interiority of Steve Rogers while the story still transpires in a coherent fashion.

The conflict with the Nukes and Thunderbolt Ross is a great first arc for this new run. This is an interesting time in Steve's life, and I'm glad that this book is confronting Secret Empire instead of trying to avoid it. That's not to say that Mark Waid's stint on the title was bad; the opposite is true. However, it did feel like book intent on ignoring the screaming elephant in the room.

That said, there can be too much of a good thing, and the book will have to confront the physical world at some point. This mode of storytelling hasn't outstayed its welcome yet, but the risk exists.

Captain America joins Immortal Hulk in the realm of successful "Fresh Start" relaunches, and I look forward to where this book could go.

Captain America #2 art by Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho
Captain America #2 art by Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho

Leinil Francis Yu continues to provide phenomenal work, giving is unique spin on the Marvel Universe to this book. His work is oddly cleaner here, as there are fewer lines emphasizing severity and less shadow. It's not bad by any stretch, and it may actually be a good change of pace for this specific book. Sunny Gho's artwork is especially good too; it's neither too bright or too dark. There is some truly great color work going on in this book.

Captain America #2 shows more promise and intrigue for the future of this book. Coates is showing the talent that made Black Panther one of Marvel's powerhouse books once again, and Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, and Sunny Gho knock it out of the park on the visuals. This one comes strongly recommended. Give it a read.

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