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God of War Main Theme - Tina Guo
If you enjoyed Santa Monica Studio's God Of War game release from this year, you should check out Tina Guo's newest music video. The score for the received Kratos continuation game is by Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary, who has previously worked with Guo on other projects (like the Battlestar Galactica concert!). Perhaps you've seen us mention Guo previously in such[...]
Hans Zimmer
Also, yes, the force of nature that is Tina Guo, composer and cellist known best most recently for her Wonder Woman theme music video. A bird's eye view of the stage, photo from the official Hans Zimmer Live Twitter The Gladiator medley with the force of a full choir is bone-chilling "The Wheat", "The Battle", and "Now We Are Free"[...]
Tina Guo Releases New Wonder Woman Theme Video
Tina Guo is the cellist behind the Wonder Woman theme that was first introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and is now part of the upcoming Wonder Woman solo film The original song was written by Hans Zimmer and Guo was brought in to play on the soundtrack Now the cellist has arranged[...]
Tina Guo Takes The Wonder Woman Theme A Bit More Metal
Tina Guo, a cellist who worked with Hans Zimmer on the Wonder Woman theme in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, posted a more metal version of the song In the clips Guo not only plays the cello but also does the bass line… and as a bass player, I've got a new tune to[...]