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Dustjackets Front
In August of 2010, Titan Books published a lovely inch thick, 9 1/4 inch by 12 1/4 inch, hardcover celebrating the artwork of Jim Lee, particularly the art he's done for DC and Wildstorm.  Titled Icons: The DC & Wildstorm Art of Jim Lee, it was released in August of 2010 It's a very nice[...]
Your Spider-Man PS4 Adventure will Start with a Prequel Novel
Titan Books, in conjunction with Marvel and Insomniac Games, will publish two tie-in books for Insomiac's PS4 Spider-Man exclusive game The first book will be Spider-Man: Hostile Takeover, and will be a prequel to the game The first book will be written by David Liss, whose prior works include The Ethical Assassin and Black Panther: the Man Without Fear. The news[...]
The Burning Dark: Talking With Sci-Fi Author Adam Christopher
His novels for Angry Robot; Empire State, Age Atomic, Seven Wonders and Hangwire have all met with huge success and now he's stepping across to Titan Books for a trilogy The Burning Dark opens with Captain Abraham Cleveland accepting a last, simple assignment before retirement Isolated, increasingly paranoid and lonely, Cleve finds himself striking up[...]
Desperately Seeking Comics At London Book Fair 2014
They were very good. Titan Books was talking through their line up (and giving away Titan Books branded seaside rock for the kids to suck) They did apologise for having Doctor Who images up when they weren't going to be able to sell any into the UK market More on that to come… Diamond UK were setting[...]
Dan Boultwood – It Came To Titan Books
Titan Books Look for some of this, and more, later in 2013. It's not alone either, the recent Once Upon A Time Machine book from Dark Horse? Philly.com reports; It's tough for newcomers to break in The Locust Moon team's agents found that publishers were leery of a 432-page full-color graphic novel that wouldn't feature established characters,[...]
Jack Of All Trades by Dave Wallace – Clash Of Titans
This week, I'm choosing to run an entire column of reviews spotlighting a publisher that might not be as familiar to US readers as it is to those of us in the UK: Titan books. As well as publishing material in their own right, Titan also act as the UK marketer and distributor of a lot[...]