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TMNT 1990 Immortalized With New Bottleneck Gallery Poster By Florey

TMNT 1990 Immortalized With New Bottleneck Gallery Poster By Florey

Bottleneck Gallery has been really coming hot and heavy with the releases lately, and this weekend they have a timed edition TMNT 1990 poster that fans and collectors are going to want to get their hands on This one is by the artist Florey and features the Turtles kicking Foot Clan butt on a rooftop[...]

TMNT 1990 Poster

"TMNT" 1990 Film Trailer Awesomely Recreated With NECA Figures

TMNT fans have been spending this week celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1990 film being released in theaters. One of the coolest things to come of those celebrations is this awesome recreation of the trailer for the film made stop motion with NECA's line of movie accurate figures by Reckless Abandonment. The team over […]

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Let's Take a Look at NECA's TMNT Turtles in Time Slash and Donnie

TMNT fans are living in a special time right now. NECA is producing the best TMNT figures of all-time at the moment, across multiple lines. Their animated series two-packs, exclusive to Target stores are setting the standard for figures from that show. Their 1990 film figures are some of the best action figures made period. […]

BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!

BC Toy Spotting: MOTU WWE, Funko, McFarlane DC, and More!

Blind bag figures, a Scooby/Shaggy two-pack, and the Mystery Machine are all available at Walmart.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1162877,1162872,1162874,1162875,1162826,1162827"]New form NECA right now are the latest wave of TMNT 1990 film figures This wave includes Shredder, Splinter, and two variations of the Foot Clan The Terminator and Sarah Conner figures from the latest film are everywhere,[...]

TMNT NECA Reveals Galore: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA Reveals: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

Two versions of the Foot Soldier will be available, each with uniques accessories.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="1143828,1143829,1143827,1143826"]You can preorder the wave of TMNT 1990 figures at Gamestop stores right now, or order them online right here. TMNT NECA collectors got a couple treats today They have officially revealed that the third wave of animated figure two-packs[...]

Bleeding Cool's 10 Most Wanted SDCC 2019 Exclusives

Bleeding Cool's 10 Most Wanted SDCC 2019 Exclusives

($40, available at the Mattel booth, with a limited number available in the Mattel Shop after the con) NECA TMNT 1990 Movie Figure PackAfter the huge success of last years SDCC four pack of Turtles, the TMNT 1990 figures continue with a new four pack featuring two Foot Soldiers, Shredder, and a ridiculously awesome Splinter figure[...]

NECA TMNT Movie Shredder 8

NECA's TMNT 1990 1/4 Scale Shredder Fully Revealed

NECA continues their stellar TMNT 1990 1/4 scale figure line with the Turtles ultimate enemy Shredder Oroku Saki will come with a detailed scan, 30 points of articulation, a spear, a knife, interchangeable hands, a cape, and a removeable mask He will fit in perfectly with the already released Turtles and the also upcoming Foot[...]

Sdcc 2018 NECA Exclusive TMNT 1990 Figure Set 11

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Gets the Ultimate SDCC Exclusives from NECA

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and NECA announced the two must-have exclusives of this years SDCC this morning. Based on the turtles appearance in the classic 1990 film, these box sets of the boys come in a special VHS box package. Inside, all four turtles are in 7-inch scale, heavily articulated, and come with every accessory […]

TMNT Favorite Casey Jones Mask Now Available From NECA

TMNT badboy Casey Jones has a new mask available from NECA. Based on his look from the fan-favorite 1990 film, it retails for $29.99 and is shipping now. It should also be on store shelves in the next week or so, but If you want to pick one up now, you can get one on […]