Let's Take a Look at NECA's TMNT Turtles in Time Slash and Donnie

TMNT fans are living in a special time right now. NECA is producing the best TMNT figures of all-time at the moment, across multiple lines. Their animated series two-packs, exclusive to Target stores are setting the standard for figures from that show. Their 1990 film figures are some of the best action figures made period. Now, they add another series of figures, this one based on the classic video game Turtles in Time. These TMNT figures are exclusive to specialty stores and online retailers. They are shipping and showing up in shops now, and today we will take a look at two of them: Slash and Donatello!

One thing NECA is nailing across all of their lines in packaging. These are no different. Using the time warp from the loading screen of the game, these TMNT figures feature a nice size window box, great key art on the front and sides, and great figure photography on the back. As always, if you are a MOC collector, you can stop here and be quite happy.

We open our toys for you though, so first let's take a look at Donatello. He is my favorite Turtle, and to me will always be the conscious of the TMNT. These versions of the brothers will come with their hoverboards from the sewer level of the game. I really love the look of these versions of the turtles, with the pixelated paint aps making it look like they walked right off the screen. His limbs were super tight coming out of the package however, buyer beware. I had to use a hairdryer to soften them so they would bend at all. Once I did that it was fine, just be careful.

Donnie comes with an interchangeable hand and his trusty bow staff. The staff is a little too rubbery. It feels super soft, and is hard to make it look like he is holding it without it bending like crazy. It does separate in the middle, which doesn't help either. At least the surfboard is awesome. It comes with a stand, and it couldn't be easier to take him off or put him on and pose him. Out of the three TMNT Donnie figures NECA has given us so far, this would be my least favorite. He feels light, and although on the board he looks great, this version just doesn't hold a candle to the 1990 movie version, or the cartoon two-pack version. Not bad, just not as strong.

Slash on the other hand, is perfect. This is a complete home run, and I warn you now- I have nothing bad to say about this figure. As far as TMNT fans are concerned, what more could you want? A perfect, updated sculpt, amazing paint aps, great accessories that are easy to get him to hold, and perfect to pose. Literally everything about this figure is amazing. There are so many little details on this one that are so fun to pour over as you marvel at him on your shelf. This is the best Slash figure of all-time, and TMNT fans MUST buy this.

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So, at $25 a figure, are they worth it? For Slash, 100% yes. Must own, just click buy and check for the package every ten minutes. For Donnie…honestly I would invest in the 1990 movie version or the TMNT animated version. This one is fine, just not as strong as those.

You can order these for yourself right here.

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