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Viz Media Announces November 2020 Titles
What is tao, and how does this supernatural phenomenon turn Lord Tensen into such fearsome enemies? And when Gabimaru begins acting strangely, is there any hope for his companions, or will they face certain death at the hands of one of the deadliest ninja in existence? On Sale Date Price USA Age Rating November 17, 2020 $12.99 Mature Tokyo[...]
Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases
6 By Aki Irie The sorceresses, Black Crows and White Wolves celebrate the end of their battle against the bugs, but Jin makes a horrible discovery—Ran had swooped in to save Otaro, thereby guaranteeing the bugs' survival! As everyone races to destroy the bugs once and for all, what further casualties will this war claim? For older teen[...]
Viz Media Releases December Manga Solicitations
And with the dual threats of foreign incursion and imperial obstruction, Iemochi and her closest advisers have no choice but to play the dangerous new game set before them. For mature audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0840-6 On Sale Date   2019-12-17 Price USA        $12.99 Price CAN        $17.99 Dimension       5 3/4 x 8 1/4 Format            TP/256 pages/b&w Tokyo Ghoul: re, Vol[...]
Viz Media Announces Their October Manga Titles
The final volume of this complicated love story proves that hanging on to that blue sky feeling of youthful love is an elusive and unpredictable task. For teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-0797-3 On Sale Date   2019-10-08 Price USA        $10.99 Price CAN        $12.99 Dimension       5 x 7 1/2 Format            TP/248 pages/b&w   VIZ Signature Tokyo Ghoul: re, Vol[...]