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Rodney Barnes
Woodward, Paul McCaffrey, Jonathan Marks Barravecchia, Marco Finnegan, Clara Meath, Julius Ohta, and Tom Rogers. Moonstone Books has launched their Kickstarter campaign for this all-new, 100+ page, full-colour graphic novel with ten separate stories And they have hit their goal, and announced their first stretch goal Which will be a new Kolchak story written and drawn[...]
Comic Book Workers United
We are asking our community of supporters to continue emailing, writing, and tweeting that Image Comics can still voluntarily recognize the CBWU. Signed, Emilio Bautista Ryan Brewer Leanna Caunter Marla Eizik Drew Fitzgerald Melissa Gifford Chloe Ramos Tricia Ramos Jon Schlaffman Erika Schnatz The Comic Book Workers United has also listed the following names of supporters to their cause. Jay Edidin, Aimee Fleck, Jim Dandeneau, Kenneth Laster, Rebecca[...]