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Russian Doll Gets Season 2 Return Natasha Lyonne Responds [VIDEO]

"Russian Doll" Gets Season 2 Return; Natasha Lyonne Responds [VIDEO]

Tompkins Square Park has a history of Art, culture and political activism It had a homeless encampment that was removed by the late 1980s Much of what the show celebrates isn’t even on screen – it’s only there for people who know the history of New York City and the Lower East Side Subtle references[...]

Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll: Living Embodiment of NYCs East Village

Natasha Lyonne in 'Russian Doll': Living Embodiment of NYC's East Village

All the episodes are shot around Tompkins Square Park and Alphabet City downtown.[caption id="attachment_981831" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Netflix[/caption]Lyonne plays Nadia, a native New Yorker in a bad mood on her 36th birthday who starts dying and restarting her evening over and over again Her mission is obvious: to find out why her life keeps restarting on[...]