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Every Pixar Film Ranked Before the Release of 'Onward' This Weekend

Every Pixar Film Ranked Before the Release of 'Onward' This Weekend

While we all said out goodbyes to these characters at the end of Toy Story 3, sometimes you run into people a few years later, have a good time, and then say goodbye for good after Toy Story 4 felt like that: one last hurrah a few years after you already said goodbye.10- Wall-E This one[...]

Xbox Reveales Their December 2019 Games With Gold

Xbox Revealed Their December 2019 Games With Gold

The four that Microsoft has chosen for this month are Jurassic World Evolution, Toy Story 3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD, and Insane Robots A couple of kid games, a couple of adult games, at least one with dinosaurs attacking and another with vampires While the other two, not so violent[...]

Now Really Is The Time To Snap Up Toy Story 3 On Blu-Ray – UPDATED

The original story follows in any case.If you're not shopping for the whole trilogy and you don't want the 3D version, then the current Amazon price for Toy Story 3 must make it irresistible At this very moment, they're only asking for $4.01.Four dollars And one cent.This low price must have something to do with[...]

Video: What If Toy Story 3 Had The Cruellest, Saddest Ending?

If you've seen Toy Story 3, you know that it goes to some pretty bleak places But what if it stayed there? What if the film went down into the depths, to the very brink of absolute despair.. and then faded to sad, off-key end titles?Well, in this video you'll see what happened when YouTuber[...]

Dreamworks 10, Disney 2 – It Was A Drubbing At The Annies

Dreamworks gave Disney/Pixar a pretty solid drubbing at last night's Annie Awards, the "toon Oscars" that have, for 38 years, recognised the brightest and best in animation. This is actually not an isolated incident (Kung Fu Panda beat Wall-E quite roundly a couple of years back), and neither is it without reason. Disney last year announced […]

The Toy Story Oscar Campaign Posters – Fifteen Swipe Files In One?

Disney/Pixar are very aggressively campaigning for Toy Story 3 this awards season The dream is to get the film a Best Picture win I have to say I'd be happy with that - it's not the best picture of the year, but I doubt the Academy is about to recognise a better one.Nonetheless, there's perhaps[...]

Download The Toy Story 3 Script Courtesy Of Disney Pixar

I've been fascinated by how true, or not, a film might be to its abstract, paper version, and how much of the film's rhythm, visual emphases and even style was born on the page.It's particularly interesting to see a screenplay for an animated film because, as anybody who has spent time in the back-rooms of[...]

Swipe File: Pixar Borrow A Move Or Two From Todd And Frida

There's a long history of animators using live action reference footage, and anybody who has ever drilled their way through a Disney DVD's special features will have seen the admission of this. Here's a nice, specific example that shows how Pixar can bypass the need for having a choreographer on the payroll when putting together […]

Nice Easter Egg in Day & Night, The Pixar Short Before Toy Story 3

The next Pixar feature is to be Cars 2, and that's going to play with a short Toy Story film, not an original little left-field treat as we've come to expect from For the Birds, One Man Band, Lifted and all.I'm especially disappointed as Day & Night, the short that plays before Toy Story 3[...]

More Pixar Classics Getting 3D Re-Releases, Including Ratatouille

I finally saw Toy Story 3 today It's out in the UK from next Monday and.. well, it comes highly recommended Review to follow.During the press events for the film earlier this year, Dave Sztypuljak of Hey U Guys took part in a roundtable chat with the film's stereoscopic imaging supervisor, Bob Whitehill As well[...]