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Eclipse Phase In A Short Term Bundle of Holding
By Christopher Helton Now up, for a very limited time, at the Bundle of Holding site is a bundle featuring the transhumanist roleplaying game Eclipse Phase from Posthuman Studios This bundle ends on Thursday, June 12th at 11am EST (that's U.S Eastern Standard Time). Eclipse Phase is a difficult game to nail down in a quick, concise[...]
Jonathan Hickman Goes Digital… Finally
Turns out Hickman just wanted to do it right. The Test Pattern is a digital collection of The Nightly News, Pax Romana, Transhuman, A Red Mass for Mars, and The Red Wing, all written for Image by Jonathan Hickman, released simultaneously with the first issue of The Manhattan Projects and a free sampler of the collection,[...]
Monday Trending Topics: Iron Man And DIY Culture
Or the transhumanist, or the steampunk fan. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: When Hong Kong Takes On Iron Man Sometimes at the Bleeding Cool Palatial Castle, we like to snuggle down of a Sunday morning and look at mash up full figure designs based on Iron Man from Hong Kongers photographed by Ray and go… blimey. Wait Till You See[...]