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A Very British Transphobia?
Recent coverage of JK Rowling's statements about women have been criticised for transphobia, and a common question regarding other people, such as Graham Linehan, is asking how such otherwise prominent liberal folk growing up in Britain and Ireland have found themselves taking a public illiberal line on this issue? And not seeming to care who[...]
A Week In Transphobia In Comics
We take a look at how two companies reacted to concerns of transphobia in comics in the same week. From Drawn&Quarterly to Image, Berliac to Howard Chaykin
Who's A Sadbøi Now? Book Cancelled Amid Transphobia Concerns
It is also imperative that I asume [sic] responsibility and fully understand the accusations of transphobia around that same incident. Berliac claims to have learned much in the two years since he wrote the essay Gay Jin This short essay seemed to compare being trans to a kind of 'gender appropriation' on a par with cultural appropriation among[...]