Tuca & Bertie

Netflix Issues APB for Animated Series Paradise P.D. from Brickleberry Creators

Netflix Issues APB for Animated Series 'Paradise P.D.' from Brickleberry Creators

[caption id="attachment_892713" align="aligncenter" width="600"] PARADISE PD[/caption]Roger Black and Waco O’Guin (co-creators, Brickleberry) are set to join Netflix's impressive slate of adult animation (including Big Mouth, BoJack Horseman, and Tuca & Bertie) with their take on small-town, “backwater Southern-fried” law enforcement Paradise P.D. -- and now we're getting our first look through both the official trailer for and official[...]

Tuca &#038 Bertie: Tiffany Haddish Joins New BoJack Team Series

Tuca & Bertie: Tiffany Haddish Joins New 'BoJack' Team Series

[caption id="attachment_799128" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Netflix[/caption]Netflix continues its foray into the world of troubled animated animals with Tuca & Bertie, a new animated series from BoJack Horseman‘s producer/production designer Lisa Hanawalt The 10-episode series will highlight the friendship between two 30-year-old bird women who also live in the same apartment building: Tuca, a cocky, care-free toucan; and[...]