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Walking in a Belcher Wonderland: 7 'Bob's Burgers' Holiday Favs
Art the Artist (Adam Driver) stole decorations from around the town to decorate, and everyone is charmed by a drag queen singing a song about "Twinkly Lights." (For more on why this is the official theme song of Christmas 2018, look here). This is the pinnacle of Bob's Burgers during the holiday seasons because sometimes more is[...]
Bob's Burgers "Twinkly Lights" is the Holiday Theme We Need in 2018
Call up your local radio station and demand they play this– along with "Jingle in the Jungle"! (although that is a little 2013.) can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Bob's Burgers Outro – Twinkly Lights (S8-E6&7) ( We're now officially in the part of the year when it is socially acceptable to put up[...]