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Mary Plans to Reboot the Bible in Next Week's Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist

Marvel's penchant for reboots, relaunches, and super-mega-crossover event has gone unchecked for so long, they clearly feel like they can reboot anything. And learning from her publishers, Typhoid Mary plans to do just that, announcing plans in next week's Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist to reboot the Bible, presumably in an event that could shake the […]

Marvel Legends Venom Wave 1

Let's Take a Look at the Marvel Legends Venom Wave

Marvel Legends collectors have been looking forward tho now all year, as we have a full wave of symbiotes to take a look at today! The Venom wave of figures features five of them in total, including a build a figure of Venom all hulked-out and massive. This wave has something for everyone, and we […]

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2: There's Something About (Typhoid) Mary in New Images

Early looks and the first official second-season trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist have Netflix fans cautiously excited for the upcoming season – and that's due in large part to the eagerly-anticipated introduction of Alice Eve as classic Marvel villain Typhoid Mary. Now the streaming service is giving us a look at Mary's deadly duality, using the show's […]

Infinity Wars #2 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin

Infinity Wars #2 Review: Gamora Against the World

Spoilers Ahead We look back to Gamora killing Thanos under the guise of Requiem. This wasn't the last she heard from Thanos, though, as Gamora still hears the voice of the Mad Titan. Whether this is his revenant spirit or her hallucination is unclear. In the present (sorta) Doctor Strange uses the Time Stone to […]

Infinity Wars #1 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin

Infinity Wars #1 Review: A Promising "Start"

Gamora returns to ask Star-Lord on more time to help her on her quest into the Soul Gem. He turns her down, and she leaves. On Earth, Doctor Strange has called a meeting of the new Infinity Watch. It includes the current possessors of the Infinity Stones and their allies. Star-Lord, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon […]

Marvel Catches Typhoid Fever in October… but What Is It?

It looks like Marvel is planning… something for Typhoid Mary this fall. The publisher has announced a new comic, Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1, written by Clay McLeod Chapman with art by Stefano Landini, hitting stores in October. The news comes via Marvel's website, but it's not exactly clear what this is. Is it a mini-series […]

Marvel Legends Venom Wave Collage

Marvel Legends Venom Wave Coming This Fall

Marvel Legends is being invaded by the symbiotes. A full wave of Venom figures will hit stores this fall, featuring four of the symbiotes in all of their glory. A couple of long-requested figures will join them too. Collect them all and you can build a hulked-out monster version of Venom! Of the four symbiotes, […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 20

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 20, the 79th day of the year: 1897- The Yellow […]