2 Photos from FINAL EVER 'Game of Thrones' Episode
8 seasons and almost 10 years have all come down to this- the last ever episode of HBO's high fantasy drama series, Game of Thrones. We don't beat around the bush- there are only 2 images from the final episode, both courtesy of HBO, and one by our photog crush Helen Sloan. The first features Queen Daenerys (Emilia[...]
'Game of Thrones' Unfurls 20 New Season 8 Character Posters
The posters feature the main cast all sitting the Iron Throne individually, leaving fans' imagination to decide who they want to see end up in the big chair. There was also the reveal of a set of emojis on Twitter that fans can use to[...]
Let's Talk About Game Of Thrones s7e6,
 "Death is the enemy, we fight for life," Beric tells him. Dany and Tyrion talk about her next move, the possibility of her actually broaching a peace treaty with Cersei He counsels her, that her temper is not what she should be controlled by, as he knows Cersei is likely to push buttons to provoke a[...]