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Joe Quesada, Joss Whedon And Colossus
Joe Quesada, on defending his decision to publish Spider-Men, when previously he'd said such an Ultimate/616 crossover would mean Marvel was officially out of ideas. Look, one of the things that used to get thrown back at me all the time is, "Dead is dead You said dead is dead." No, that wasn't the entire quote[...]
The First 616/Ultimate Crossover – "A Spider-Man Story That Matters"
The New York Daily News has reported that in June, the touted Spider-Men series from Marvel will be the first official crossover between the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. Brian Bendis has long decried such an event, denying that the Ultimate Universe is even an alternate reality to the 616 And getting annoyed by[...]
Once Upon A Time Continues To Plug Ultimate Hulk Vs Wolverine
Vs Wolverine" We've mentioned the appearance of Damon Lindelhof's Ultimate Wolverine And Hulk in the ABC series Once Upon A Time before, as the showrunners also worked on Lost with Damon But this week's episode probably had the biggest plug for it yet, opening with a close up on panel, as well as throwing in John[...]
All Ultimate Marvel Comics To Get Digital Download Code Included
For the last few years, the Ultimate Comics line – initially a line that cost less than the standard Marvel comics line – cost more, the $3.99 price point And it's been quite a point of contention, especially after Brian Bendis assured readers it wouldn't happen with a previous Ultimate Spider-Man relaunch… and it did. The[...]
Look, The Press Have Been Talking About Marvel Too
Such as a certain Ultimate Spider-Man #1, in comic stores tomorrow. All sorts of websites, newspapers and TV shows Including one called "The Coblert Report" Yeah, I know, mote and beam, mote and beam. Of course, there's one they missed out, a certain website that was first to see where this was all going. Of course, it's also[...]
Preview: 6 Pages Of Ultimates 1, 6 Pages Of Ultimate Hawkeye 1…
But USA Today have run the following previews of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #1 shipping tomorrow and Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #1 shipping next week from Marvel You know, the ones that ship in their polybags to avoid spoilers Enjoy. There doesn't seem to be a corresponding article or anything Not yet But USA Today have[...]
And Finally – Miles Morales On The Cover To Ultimate Spider-Man #1
The "Miles Variant" edition of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, drawn by Sara Pichelli, coming out in September. The "Miles Variant" edition of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, drawn by Sara Pichelli, coming out in September. The "Miles Variant" edition of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, drawn by Sara Pichelli, coming out in September. The "Miles Variant" edition[...]
Will Miles Morales Star In The Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon? (UPDATE: NO)
Being written by Brian Michael Bendis and produced by Marvel Studios, the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is set to air on Disney XD next year I've mentioned this before but it might be worth repeating Peter Parker does not appear in the footage seen so far He is not mentioned, he is not named, he[...]
Unboxing Ultimate Fallout #4
From a small London city park this morning… the unboxing of Ultimate Fallout #4, featuring the Black/Latino character Miles Morales… and a few other people. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHdu7rUFXFg[/youtube] So this issue looks fairly normal… anyone know what the big chase variant thing is? Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. [...]
The Power Of A Black Spider-Man
Tonight, it is possible that Marvel will pre-announce the identity of the new Ultimate Spider-Man to the Associated Press, or similar. It is possible he will be a young African American, potentially the Ben Reilly scientist character who has stores the late Peter Parker's DNA and that's certainly what Bleeding Cool has been speculating. But that's all,[...]
Over Analysing Ultimate Spider-Man's Neck
Does  Spider-Man, in this preview for Ultimate Fallout #4 featuring the new Spider-Man, have an African American neck? Could it be heavy shadow or lighting? Or are Marvel just playing silly buggers as usual? Let's find out on Monday when Marvel leak it to the New York Times. Is it or isn't it? It is, isn't[...]
Amazon UK Mini-Glitch: Ultimate Comics Doomsday HC
That Brits may be able to take advantage of. They are listing the complete hardcover compiling Ultimate Comics Doomsday, the Brian Bendis trilogy of Ultimate Enemy, Ultimate Mystery and Ultimate Doom, as if it just the Premiere HC edition of Ultimate Enemy With the price to match. But not the page count, 288, all in. For £14.99[...]
The Great Ultimate Death Of Spider-Man Bait And Switch
The current Ultimate books before the relaunch, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vs New Avengers have been running a multipart crossover storyline The Death Of Spider-Man Which as everyone knows by now, results in the death of Spider-Man. But it's a crock Or rather the multi-part storyline is, rather At the beginning we saw[...]
A Comic Show – Stop Cancelling Your Comics
We have the death of Ultimate Spider-Man and the prelude, Brightest Day Aftermath: Search For Swamp Thing and an antidote to Subway comics, Batman Gates Of Gotham, Flashpointyness with Flashes, Lois Lane and The Outsider, and Mike's absolute love for GI Joe: Cobra and a message to stop cancelling your comics. Weekly TOP PICKS: 6.22.2011 Top[...]
Marvel Spoils The Death Of Spider-Man In National Press Today
It says something that a story arc in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man and in Ultimates Comics Ultimates Vs New Avengers entitled "The Death Of Spider-Man" needs spoiler space for its concluding episode. But, nevertheless, despite the comic in question, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160 being polybagged when it ships tomorrow, so as not to spoil the surprise,[...]
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By… Shock! Horror! Bendis And Pichelli
It was only a few months ago that Bleeding Cool said that Sara Pichelli would be joining Ultimate Spider-Man After publication, Bendis popped up to say that David Fuente was not gone Well it appears that he is now Looks like we needed a relaunch to make it properly official. Of course Marvel basically spoiled a[...]
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye By Jonathan Hickman And Rafa Sandoval
A new Ultimate Comics title by Jonathan Hickman and Rafa Sandoval starring the ultimate wife beater himself The meanest, sharpest, angriest man with a bow since someone tried to give Donald Trump pigtails Hickman is already writing Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates, is this just greedy? Only for four issues though, so there's that. Well, it's all[...]
The New Ultimate Spider-Man – Exclusive Online Spoilery Pic
So, the New York Post may have, as ever, with Marvel's full co-operation and indeed instigation, have spoiled the plot of upcoming issues of Ultimate Spider-Man, but we're going to try and be a bit more careful Such as me typing all this text up front to keep it off the front page of[...]
Ultimate Comics To Go Day And Date Digital With Death Of Spider-Man
Marvel have already announced that both Ultimate Comics Captain America and Ultimate Comics Thor will be day-and-date digital comics, made available digitally on the morning the comic sees print, ET time, and the day before the UK (although that's to change in a coupel of weeks.) Well it looks like all the Ultimate books will soon[...]
Ultimate Comics Captain America Goes Day-And-Date Digital
The upcoming $3.99 four issue Ultimate Comics Captain America, will be made available digitally on the Marvel App the day the comic ships in print in the USA and the day before it ships in the UK (just for the first issue, the UK catches up with the US in 2011) It joins Ulimate Comics Thor[...]
We're Killing A Different Spider-Man! Got Your Nose!
So, Marvel announce the Death Of Spider-Man – but aha! It's the Ultimate Spider-Man! Fooled you! Is it me, or was Ultimate Spider-Man actually meant to die in Ultimatum, was indeed pronounced dead, but then in Requim was suddenly found alive And now he's dying again Did something go a little skew-whiff in the planning? Anyway, it;s[...]
Captain America: Better Dead Than Red Herring
Okay, everyone I talk to in a position to know (and happy to share with me) says that Captain America #600 and Reborn #1 will feature the return of Steve Rogers to the role of Captain America by some undisclosed (to me, at least) means. But which Steve Rogers? With the three-and-three-quarter inch Ultimate Captain America figures[...]