Joe Quesada, Joss Whedon And Colossus

Joe Quesada, on defending his decision to publish Spider-Men, when previously he'd said such an Ultimate/616 crossover would mean Marvel was officially out of ideas.

Look, one of the things that used to get thrown back at me all the time is, "Dead is dead. You said dead is dead." No, that wasn't the entire quote. Dead is dead in the Marvel Universe unless you have a good story. If you have a story about a character's death that's relevant and story-driven and means something to the universe, then let's talk about it. Same thing with resurrection. I don't want characters being resurrected willy-nilly unless there's a great story. That's how Colossus came back because Joss Whedon had an incredible resurrection story.

It would be extremely annoying if we had a quote that might suggest things went down a slightly different way, wouldn't it? Thankfully we… do.

Joe Quesada, Joss Whedon And Colossus

I feel like I'm channeling John Stewart right now. The two versions aren't completely incompatible, but it does take away from Joe's point a little… of course, that all depends upon who has the better memory…

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