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Welcome to the BC Mailbag! Support your local post office! [Image: Shutterstock]
Rosenberg has gone full Karen on both FedEx and USPS in the past, and it's USPS that has once again captured the ire of the superstar comic book writer. Image: Shutterstock Rosenberg first began the feud with FedEx in November of 2018 when he spent a week attempting to get the service to deliver a package to[...]
Seinfeld: Wayne Knight Channels Newman in USPS Political Ad
"If we could capture the voice, if we get it funny, and we could get the message out, I felt like it would be disseminated in a way that would reach people, and that was what was important," the actor said. The actor closed by complimenting the work the USPS does on a daily basis[...]
John Ratzenberger at the "Walk to Vegas" World Premiere at the Richards Center for the Arts on January 11, 2019 in Palm Springs, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /
The USPS came under fire recently President Trump as he threatened to withhold federal funding to hurt operations He has also been a vocal critic of mass vote-by-mail believing it will lead to massive fraud.  Ratzenberger garnered two Emmy nominations for Cheers in 1985 and 1986 The sitcom won 24 Emmy Awards throughout its run[...]
disney villains
Are you evil? Do you like sending physical chain letters, court orders, bills, or whatever else people generally don't like getting in the mail? Well, today's your day! USPS has unveiled their latest Forever Stamps showcasing everyone's favorite Disney Villains. Personally I'll be buying these, because I am an unrelenting Maleficent fan Since they are Forever[...]
Scott Pilgrim Versus The Post Office – Missing Art
Now the couple is trying to resolve this situation with the USPS, but if it turns out the pages weren't lost but rather taken, then folks should be on the look out in case these turn up on eBay. A couple in San Francisco has posted about a couple lost packages from the post office[...]
The Spider-Man USPS Postal Boxes – And The Stan Lee TV Ad To Match
  These are the new USPS flat rate Spider-Man livery boxes… And this is the TV ad to match.   [youtube][/youtube]   These are the new USPS flat rate Spider-Man livery boxes… And this is the TV ad to match.   [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Stolen: Inkwell Awards Books
Bob Almond writes about a theft of work stolen during delivery by USPS Has anyone encountered anyone trying to sell these items? STOLEN! Got back parcels of our Inkwell Awards materials following Heroes Con from the USPS and one box was empty although it had the stamp for $13.44 and had been resealed Problem is we[...]