Matthew Rosenberg Has Rekindled His Feud with the Post Office

The longest-running, most epic feud in the history of comics has once again reignited! What? No, not Marvel vs. DC Comics. No, no Alan Moore's beard vs. the astrally projected disembodied head of Grant Morrison. No, not Donny Cates vs. an empty can of hair mousse. We're talking way more epic than that: Matthew Rosenberg vs. America's array of delivery and courier services. Rosenberg has gone full Karen on both FedEx and USPS in the past, and it's USPS that has once again captured the ire of the superstar comic book writer.

Matthew Rosenberg has rekindled his feud with the United States Postal Service
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Rosenberg first began the feud with FedEx in November of 2018 when he spent a week attempting to get the service to deliver a package to his fancy New York City apartment. Rosenberg used all of his Twitter clout to retaliate against the company, and he was finally able to receive the package in December. But in January of 2020, Rosenberg restarted the feud, this time with the United States Postal Service, for a similar matter of a delayed package. This time, Rosenberg directed Twitter followers to visit the Yelp page of his local post office.

And now, a little more than a year later, Matthew Rosenberg is at it again, tweeting yesterday:

And then again today, Rosenberg wrote:

Do you think all the post offices and Fed Ex and UPS locations in Matthew Rosenberg's area have a photo of him behind the counter warning employees to look out for him? As usual, Bleeding Cool wishes Matthew Rosenberg the best of luck in convincing the postal service to properly deliver, or redeliver, his package.

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