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All the Glorious Science Fiction TV You Can (and Should) Watch This Year
Expect this one sometime in May of 2018. Black Mirror technically came back in December of 2017, but after the holidays is sometimes the better for watching stuff like this. Sense8 gets to finish it's story with a 'season 3' 2 hour film, and is due to hit sometime in 2018. The OA got picked up for a second[...]
Will & Grace
on Lifetime. Over on Syfy, we have the second season finale of Van Helsing Family secrets are exposed and the true face of evil is revealed Or, at least, that's what the synopsis says Van Helsing is inspired by the Zenescope comics series and stars Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, and Vincent Gale The show was renewed[...]
things to watch on tv
This will kick off at noon today and run until 1:07 a.m., then start back up again at noon on Friday. Over on Syfy at 9 p.m., we have the penultimate episode of Van Helsing season two with season three having just been green-lighted by the network. Coming across the fabled compound, the group must defend it[...]
Grimm Fairy Tales' Tales of Terror and Dance of the Dead: Zenescope March 2018 Solicits
(STL073573) 32pgs, FC (2 of 5) SRP: $3.99 #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ JAN182117 VAN HELSING VS ROBYN HOOD #3 (OF 4) (W) Ralph Tedesco (A) Allan Otero (CA) Sean Chen It's a race against time as Van Helsing and Igor hunt for Robyn[...]
Van Helsing
Syfy has renewed their action-horror series Van Helsing prior to the second season finale The series wraps up its sophomore run on January 4th and will be back in the fall for another 13 episodes with production firing up in February 2018. Inspired by the Zenescope Entertainment comic series, Van Helsing is set in a world[...]
Van Helsing season 2
SyFy has released the first trailer for the second season of Van Helsing The series starts Kelly Overton as Vanessa Van Helsing, a distant relative of the famous vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, as she is resurrected into a world where the vampires have taken over The series also stars Jonathan Scarfe as Axel, Christopher[...]
channing tatum
Floating around the Hollywood Reporter and JoBlo is a rumor that Magic Mike, 21/22 Jump Street, and Hateful Eight actor Channing Tatum is being eyed for the role of Van Helsing in the upcoming Dark Universe shared continuity of movies by Universal Studios. This is almost a bit of a surprise, given the absolute flop that the recent Mummy film turned out to be[...]
SDCC 2017: SyFy Sets 'Galactica' Reunion, Live Comic-Con Recaps
Levi will host his annual invite-only Nerd party on Friday, July 21; while Syfy will host two first-come, first-served parties at the Children's Museum on Thursday, July 20 and Saturday, July 22. ●  Syfy will host a Battlestar Galactica reunion with creator Ron Moore and members of the cast and creative from the series, thirteen years[...]
Syfy Teases Van Helsing Season 2
The first season of Van Helsing has wrapped up and Syfy is already teasing the second one The series stars Kelly Overton, Vincent Gale and Trezzo Mahoro The show is run by director / playwrite Neil LaBute The second season of the series was announced on October 14th, after only four of the thirteen episodes of[...]
Flirting In The Apocalypse – Van Helsing Is Out In The World
Now that the Van Helsing series has moved outside of the hospital, they can introduce new characters and bring up new situations… like to young people finding each other attractive even with all the craziness going on around them Here Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro) meets Emma (Christie Burke) and the fear gets put aside for a[...]
Van Helsing Heads Out On The Highway
For the first six episodes of the Syfy series Van Helsing, everything basically took place within the hospital With issue seven it's time to leave, but we get to see all of the booby traps that have been laid out It's like watching a horror version of Home Alone… and then we get the big[...]
Van Helsing Will Likely Be Part Of Universal's Monster Universe
This is a studio getting behind horror in a massive way, with Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe set to star in the first film in the series, The Mummy, next year. We are expecting monsters like the Wolfman, Frankenstien's monster, Dracula and the Invisible Man to show up, but there is another member of the Universal[...]
Syfy Renews The Zenescope Inspired Series Van Helsing
With only 5 episodes having aired, Syfy has already approved a second season for their new series Van Helsing Inspired by the Zenescope Entertainment character, the series stars Kelly Overton as Vanessa Helsing, humanity's last hope in a world dominated by Vampires In a unique twist, Helsing is not only immune to being turned, but her[...]
A Look Inside Syfy's New Van Helsing Series
Last night saw the regular season premiere of Syfy's new series Van Helsing Based on the Zenescope Entertainment comic, the series is set in a future where vampires rule and humans are nothing but cattle… until Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton) wakes up The pilot premiered early in September, but it was re-shown last night along[...]
Neil LaBute Talks About Why Van Helsing Was The Right Sci-Fi Project For Him
Neil LaBute, the showrunner for the new Syfy series Van Helsing, isn't known for working in science fiction The director of things like Death At A Funeral, Your Friends And Neighbors, Nurse Betty and Lakeview Terrace talked about what made him sign on to do science fiction and why this particular series. can't be loaded[...]