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Noel Clarke Issues Statement on Sexual Misconduct Accusations
ITV canceled the premiere of the 5th and concluding episode of their 5-part cop thriller Viewpoint, which starred Clarke, though they offered it for streaming on ITV Hub for a limited time The CW removed Bulletproof from their CW Seed streaming service on Friday following the allegations. On Saturday morning, major news outlets like The Guardian[...]
Monolith: A Graphic Novel Kickstarter from Magnetic Press
MONOLITH is a visually stunning suspense thriller illustrated by visionary artist and designer LRNZ (Golem, Viewpoint, Astrogamma) and written by ROBERTO RECCHIONI (Orphans, Dylan Dog) Publisher Magnetic Press, which has produced several highly successful Kickstarters in 2020, is giving readers an opportunity to get an exclusive print of this cinematic, psychological thriller for pre-registering before the kickstart launch date, Tuesday, February[...]