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Former WhatCulture Wrestling Crew Debut "Cultaholic" In New Video

So back on September 19th, WhatCulture's wrestling wing lost five prominent faces from their site and YouTube channel in what appeared to be a jaw-dropping exodus from the company. Five men: Adam Blampied, Sam Driver, Jack "The Jobber" King, Adam Pacitti, and "King" Ross Tweddell, all left the company at the same time. Whether or not […]

Wrestling Content On YouTube Continues To Be Demonetized

One of those groups: pro-wrestling channels.The news kinda went big a few weeks ago when this announcement was made from WhatCulture Wrestling's channel about their own promotion, WCPW, having to cancel their free weekly shows because of it:Essentially, for no other reason we can think of beyond the fact that professional wrestling depicts simulated violence[...]

YouTube Updates "Advertiser Guidelines" But They Seem More Vague Than Before

Recently, any channel making pro-wrestling content (WhatCulture Wrestling, for example) have now been classified as being not advertiser friendly and those channels are now taking a hit Bottom line: the entire ordeal is a giant mess and the new guidelines have apparently made it worse.What are your thoughts on the changes? Did YouTube make the[...]