Wrestling Content On YouTube Continues To Be Demonetized

We briefly touched on the topic in yesterday's post about YouTube's demonetization problems and the new rules they've set up for running ads on their website, but checking around the web today, we're seeing that there are still groups who are going through issues of receiving income to fuel their jobs. One of those groups: pro-wrestling channels.

The news kinda went big a few weeks ago when this announcement was made from WhatCulture Wrestling's channel about their own promotion, WCPW, having to cancel their free weekly shows because of it:

Essentially, for no other reason we can think of beyond the fact that professional wrestling depicts simulated violence (because while wrestlers are athletes, they're not beating the hell out of each other, and by that definition fall under that classification on YouTube), any channel with wrestling as a focus is being demonetized. That includes podcast channels that feature audio and no actual wrestling, because they're still promoting the subject as a whole.

Steve & Larsen went into detail about how it has affected them and other channels roughly two weeks ago (video below, skip to 23:30 for that portion of their news), and since their discussion, it hasn't gotten any better.

Companies that use YouTube to help generate income such as Ring Of Honor, PWG, and several smaller indie promotions have all taken a hit due to the change. And we're pretty sure that while they haven't spoken up about it, WWE, TNA, and NJPW can't be thrilled with the change either, as that's revenue going into their companies as well. But ultimately, just like it hurt Let's Players when they lost their stream of income back in April due to YouTube screwing with the system, the real people that are being affected by this are those who have made this their livelihood and have turned their passion into their job.

We're waiting to see how YouTube responds to the latest round of demonetization, but it's clear that pro-wrestling channels aren't going to stay any more quiet about it than gamers did. What are your thoughts on pro wrestling being classified as a form of YouTube entertainment that can't receive proper monetization?

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