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Hero For A Day – The Lament Of A First Time Cosplayer At New York Comic Con
That's when I decided upon Wiccan; he's like seventeen, and I look seventeen Perfect Young Avengers also happens to be one of my favorite comics – the artwork is top notch, the characters are relatable, and, most importantly, there's the sickeningly adorable young gay couple And whether or not your sexuality leans towards the ladies,[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Hulkling & Wiccan To Dragon Ball
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Emma Frost (Uncanny X-Men) : Meredith Placko (https://www.facebook.com/anaaesthetic) Photographer : Savannah Alexandra (http://www.savannahalexandra.com) Hulkling & Wiccan (Young Avengers) : Ryan (http://pixelmagus.deviantart.com) & Detailed-Illusion (http://detailed-illusion.deviantart.com) Photographer :  Adel (http://foreveradel.deviantart.com) Butterfree (Pokemon)[...]
Tales from the Four-Color Closet – LGBTQ Young Avengers
They came in to have their say on teen superheroes, and it was an opinion that many sat up and noticed. But one thing has stuck out in that final issue that has had a lot of people wondering: in the last few pages, or rather throughout the issue in fact, it seems to build up[...]
Kieron Gillen Talks Young Avengers, Indeed, It's Difficult To Get Him To Stop.
Which is tricky to write without being try-too-hard. Wiccan His "parentage" is tricky Frankly, I have little interest in explicitly delving into the depths of continuity It's not really my style My style is a nod to show people who know it all know that I'm not ignoring it, and then treat it in the cleanest and[...]
Friday Runaround – More Insidious Than Syphilis No More!
In this unseemly scrabble for respectability and an historic, noble pedigree it is, for instance, fashionable to observe that comics have their origins in the sequential strip-like hieroglyphics which record the reigns of ancient Egypt's pharaohs. What could be a better indicator of the medium's cultural worth than its ability to faithfully report the legendary acts[...]
A New Warriors Three Book From Marvel NOW? With Wiccan, Loki And Miss America?
Such as this Marvel NOW! Point One teaser showing us the cover of what we can presume is a new series, showing Wiccan, Loki and Miss America, following on from yesterday's teasing of a new Ant Man series by Nick Spencer. Could this be the new Warriors Three? Written by Kieron Gillen? And taking up plotlines[...]