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Razer and Williams Esports Come Together for New Partnership
This week, Williams Esports came together with Razer to form a new partnership, specifically working with the Williams Formula 1 team Like a lot of esports partnerships, Razer is providing the team with some essential gear to both train and show off at events, specifically working with their latest high-end Blade laptops Not to mention future[...]
Bally and Williams Tables Being Pulled from Pinball Arcade Library
A bit of sad news from Pinball Arcade: the developers are being forced to remove over 60 titles from their library after WMS Industries, who currently hold the trademarks to both the Bally and Williams pinball games, informed them they would not allow the video game to use their titles any longer The news came down[...]
Baseball Deluxe Pinball
In 1957, Williams released a rather unique pinball machine: the Baseball Deluxe Now, it has the body of a typical pinball machine, and it is an electro-mechanical machine But the playfield is unlike any other pinball machine The ball comes out from the middle of the machine, and the player attempts to hit the ball[...]
Arcade Chaser: Kickback Pinball Cafe
Arcades at one point were an American past time. For a while they went out of style, being replaced with things like Dave and Busters and other all ages
Lauren Looks Back At Williams Pinball
One of which was Williams. In 1943 Harry Williams started Williams Manufacturing His first seven products were common arcade games, but out of those seven two were pinball machines Flat-Top and Laura weren't anything exciting In fact Williams took pre-existing machines, redid the cab art, and changed the playfield ever so slightly With Laura there were[...]
There Was No Bang In This Machine: Demolition Man Pinball
I'd never played a Demolition Man, and Williams has a history of making some fantastic machines based on sub-par movies The machine was released in 1994 with 7,019 units made It's a wide body, so yes it's wider than a traditional pinball machine The game has some unique features such as a magnetic ball lifter called[...]
Drac Attack! Monster Bash Pinball
While I am fond of many, nothing has captured my heart more than Monster Bash released by Williams in 1998 I'm a huge fan of the Universal Monsters (especially The Creature), and overall this game is just great fun I also think it's one of George Gomez's greatest playfield designs It's just a beautiful machine[...]
Man Vs Machine; Pin-Bot
I've played it several times over the years and I still suck at it. Williams released Pin-Bot in 1986, showcasing some impressive technology for the time The machine has a five target dropping bank, 3 bank drop targets, kick out holes, and an upper level mini bagatelle table as well It's a hard game and it[...]