Wolverine And The X-Men

Wolverine And The X-Men Omnibus… And Friends

Only a month ago, the Omnibus Collector was wishing for a Wolverine & The X-Men Omnibus, collecting Jason Aaron's run on the title. Well, it looks as if your wishes have been granted for next June. Marvel are preparing for Guardians Of The Galaxy movie with the previously-mentioned-but-as-of-yet-unlisted Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus, Rocket Raccoon & Groot […]

Mahmud Asrar Goes Exclusive With Marvel Comics

Could it be? The beginning of that much cherished tradition? Exclusive signing wars? Where companies take the talents of a creator solely for themselves, and it all contractually down in return for guaranteed work and healthcare benefits? Well, Mahmud Asrar, most often seen of late on Supergirl and before that Dynamo 5, is now a […]

Here Comes The Future – An All New Wolverine And The Uncanny X-Men For Marvel

Jason Latour and Mahmud Asrar are relaunching Wolverine & The X-Men in March because… well… same school. Similar cast. But new creative team. And Summer School. And, it appears, Quentin Quire is now a teacher… possibly a temporary one. Well, Fantomex certainly is on staff, and all the kids who have nowhere else to go […]

Cammy's Covers – From Red Hood And The Outlaws To The Gamma One-Shot

Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool:  Red Hood and the Outlaws #22 by Guillem March Ah yes, the classic Yin-Yang pose with an added dash of sex appeal. I enjoy Starfire's painted hair style, for the flames really blend well together as she propels upwards. The shine on her outfit also works very well, for […]

Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Of Today's Comics – Bounce, Lazarus, Journey Into Mystery, Hawkeye Annual, The Green Team, Superman, Larfleeze, Uncanny Avengers, Superior Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Wolverine And The X-Men

Welcome to another week of Thoughts About Today's Comics. Limited by time and San Diego, look forward to a fuller selection next week.   I appear to be Spanish impaired. Bounce #3 gives me a bad guy that makes me go to Google Translate… While with Lazarus #2 I know what every word means, but […]

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes At Marvel – From Dexter Soy To Deadpool

A few creative changes from Marvel's solicitations, made available before the week the comic goes on sale. Dexter Soy will be joining Adrian Alphona on art credits for Uncanny X-Force #6 Carmen Nunez Carnero will replace Neil Edwards on X-Factor #258. Now Neil Edwards will draw X-Factor #259 instead of Leonard Kirk. Joe Quinones will […]

Quentin Quire, Man Of Action (SPOILERS)

He's a busy boy this week. Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, the super intelligent, super telepathic, super disaffected X-Man does a Wolverine and appears in three books this week. And one of them will really get talked about. Sexually harassing Psylocke in Uncanny X-Force #1? Possibly. Dismissing Captain America as a fascist thug […]

Sixteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Deadpool, Supurbia, Captain America, Comeback, Wonder Woman, Clone, Hawkeye, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Catwoman, Journey Into Mystery, Wolverine And The X-Men, Batwoman, Iron Man, Judge Dredd and The Indestructable Hulk

In Deadpool #2, the revived zombie President Kennedy cops to killing Marilyn Monroe… In Supurbia, Lois Lane gets all huffy with Superman for running off with Wonder Woman. Well, you know what I mean. In Captain America, we get a Green Skull… well, we have a Red Hulk, why not? Actually snark aside, while I […]

Two Utterly Insane Comics From Jason Aaron Today

Jason Aaron, one of the Marvel Acrhitects, has two comics out today. And both are completely off the wall. One you might expect that of, a little bit. If not quite this insane. But the other goes further than it has for a very long time. With a number of titles coming to an end […]

Saturday Trending Topics: Some Post-Present, Pre-Now Marvel

Some weekend tea leaf reading: As shown in the CBR weekly thing with Axel Alonso. Advance pages from an unspecified future issue of Wolverine & The X-Men, drawn by Nick Bradshaw. And I see no reason that it wouldn't be written by Jason Aaron. So what can we learn with our eagle eyes? Most-Read Comic Stories […]

Swipe File: Watchmen And Wolverine

I thought this one was a little too obvious, but I've received numerous e-mails asking why I haven't run it, so here we go. Here is Warbird, undergoing a Rorschach examination by the Shi'ar Empire in the most recent Wolverine And The X-Men.Based on Rorschach doing the same thing in Watchmen. Here are some clips. […]

Brian Bendis To Write X-Men And Uncanny X-Men?

Okay, this filling took a little more loosening. I had to use pliers, a baseball bat and a large camel. As a result, it's a bit crumbly. It's certainly not all there. See, I'd heard a while ago that Bendis was to take over the two main X-Men books. But I was then told that […]

Eight Thoughts About Eight Comics Today – New Deadwardians, Wolverine And The X-Men, Grim Leaper, America's Got Powers, X-Men Legacy, Animal Man Annual, Incredible Hulk And FF

The New Deadwardians is rapidly becoming one of my favourite books on the market, and each issue cements it further. It is certainly my favourite work of Dan Abnett to date. A history steeped in colonial massacre, the aristocracy and the working class separated by blood and a Christian vampire at its heart, doing his […]

A Comic Show – Night Owls, Now With Added With Echo

Aaron and Tom from A Comic Shop in Florida look through the week's comics. From their own personal bat cave, in preparation… and here's Uncanny X-Force, Avengers Vs X-Men, Avengers, Wolverine And The X-Men, Batman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Cinderella and the Free Comic Book Day DC spread… [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BXQqrVxgRE[/youtube] And here's Flashpoint video they're […]

Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Supreme, Savage Dragon, Daredevil, Supurbia, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Danger Club, Hulk, Mudman and Wolverine And The X-Men

Another week, another chance to look through a bucket load of good comics. So what do we have? What goes around, comes around. Supreme going on hiatus for years, and now having Alan Moore's final issue finally drawn (weirdly, his penultimate issue was created by cutting and pasting images from previous issues) and suddenly the […]