Eleven Thoughts About Eleven Of Today's Comics – Bounce, Lazarus, Journey Into Mystery, Hawkeye Annual, The Green Team, Superman, Larfleeze, Uncanny Avengers, Superior Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Wolverine And The X-Men

Welcome to another week of Thoughts About Today's Comics. Limited by time and San Diego, look forward to a fuller selection next week.


I appear to be Spanish impaired. Bounce #3 gives me a bad guy that makes me go to Google Translate…


While with Lazarus #2 I know what every word means, but I really wish I didn't.

IMG_0019 While the language for Journey Into Mystery is possibly lacking in places.


Hawkeye Annual gives us another version of that scene, which should explain things a bit for you Pizza Dog fans. And, yes, the West Coast does need a Hawkeye and we all need a West Coast Avengers. And not just an Ultimate version.


I think that Green Team is a under-reported gem of a superhero comic, with the rich as the good guys, or at least the guys trying to be. It's a bunch of Bruce Wayne wannabees. And it looks as they have just recruited a new member.

IMG_0016Sometimes I think Scott Lobdell is writing about me when he writes Cat in Superman. I possibly have issues. But that would probably mean Clark Kent is totally Hannah Means Shannon.

IMG_0015 When minions mingle, in Larfleeze #2. We should have more of this. The peanut gallery, the voices off, the greek chorus… nothing defines an event more than the little people standing to one side.

IMG_0014 Continuity plug in folks! Captain America has only just got back from his foray into Dimension X in Ultimate Avengers. Someone add this to the Marvel timeline…

IMG_0012And, yes, everyone seems okay with Spider-Man's personal army/police squad occupying sections of Manhattan. You know, I've always wondered why only villains get the henchmen, they are so useful! He's got the lair, he's got the tech, now all he needs is a laser to blow up the moon. A Spider-Laser.


I never liked Doctor Strange much either. From Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1.


And… there we go. Idie as the Black Queen. Racial and sexual politics aside, I can hear a few fanboys going very very quiet right now and giving thanks to Chris Claremont and John Byrne past. But… yes, she is still fourteen, isn't she? Kids these days, I don't know…

So… what did you read today? Want to talk about it? I'm listening…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently running the following exhibition.



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