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Woman In Black Sequel Starts Filming, Adds Cast, Sets Release Date

Horror sequel The Woman in Black: Angel of Death has been quietly hard at work and is moving along nicely, with casting mostly finalized, filming now underway and a UK release date set.Jeremy Irvine, plucked from obscurity by Steven Spielberg for War Horse, takes over the reigns from Daniel Radcliffe, who helped make the original[...]

Woman In Black Sequel The Angel Of Death Gets Cast

Though Eel Marsh House is the only returning star from the first instalment - that we know of so far anyhow - the new male and female leads for Hammer's Woman in Black sequel The Angel of Death have been found.While we have no idea who they'll be playing - but I'll put ten dollars[...]

More Details On The Woman In Black Sequel, Angels Of Death

Jane Goldman last week let slip that Hammer are in development on a spin-off from The Woman in Black, and now details are getting shaded in as to what this will actually entail.Angels of Death is to be set 40 years after the original story, so presumably after the second World War, perhaps as late[...]

60 Seconds With Daniel Radcliffe And The Woman In Black

This extended TV spot for The Woman in Black was cut to fit in a 60 second slot I wish there were a lot more trailers like this Indeed, I'd turn up half an hour early for any movie if I was going to get 30 of these end-to-end before hand.*The Woman in Black is[...]

New Full UK Trailer For The Woman In Black

When he arrives, he's going to have his eyes opened to the supernatural, and evil forces are getting to set about him.But enough about Harry Potter, here's that exact same thing in the first full trailer for The Woman in Black I think they're trying to strum some familiar chords here, particularly with the selection[...]

First Teaser Trailer For The Woman In Black

Premiered during the Momentum panel at Kapow this morning was the first teaser for James Watkins' The Woman in Black, with Daniel Radcliffe and a screenplay by Jane Goldman.Well, it's a premiere if you don't count it's inclusion on the King's Speech Blu-ray I was sent to review earlier in the week I'm surprised that[...]

Woman In Black Promoted With On-Set Video And New Images Of Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe spoke to ITN on the set of James Watkin's The Woman in Black about the film, his character, and Hammer's exciting return to scene with a slate of exciting new horror projects Harry Potter What an albatross.Meanwhile, Hammer have issued a pair of official promotional pictures for the film, each featuring Daniel Radcliffe..[...]

First Look At Daniel Radcliffe In The Woman In Black

Scripted by Jane Goldman from the spooky novel by Susan Hill, directed by Eden Lake's James Watkins, set for release in 3D but apparently being shot in 2D, and the first project for Daniel Radcliffe now he's wrapped on the Harry Potter series. And that's pretty much all I have to say about that. Thanks, […]