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Kickstarter Fail: Gods Of Men
six months ago. I haven't seen an update nor an email on this for a long time….anyone have any updates?? No, no one does… In comparison, the high profile Womanthology has also had a troubled history on Kickstarter, with messages such as this being common; I got to say this whole thing is unbelievable[...]
Cammy's Covers – Womanthology To Danger Girl
Cameron Hatheway writes for Bleeding Cool; Womanthology: Space #1 by Renae DeLiz You can't see it from this image, but on the back cover it's the sun; and this little astronaut is walking away from it, with the sunlight still attached to her every step With the return of the ground-breaking Womanthology series, it's a great feeling[...]
Womanthology's Renae De Liz Needs Your Help
Renae De Liz, creator of the Womanthologycollection and one of the first major suprise comic projects through Kickstarter to raise a six figure sum for its publication, may need a different form of funding right now. Her husband, Ray Dillon, writes ; She has an infection that has spread into her blood and kidneys, as well as[...]
IDW Makes Womanthology An Ongoing Series. Will Everyone Notice?
IDW agreed to publish Womanthology: Heroic as a result (at that point it had transformerd from a publishing impossibility to a no brainer) and it was finally published through comic stores this week (as a funder, I'll have one in the post…) At WonderCon, IDW announced an ongoing Womanthology series-of-mini-series headed by be De Liz, the[...]
Blackmanthology On Kickstarter
I confess, that headline was pretty much written so you'd read this article. Look, it worked, sue me. Actually don't sue me, you might have a case. For a
A Very Welcome Womanthology Valentine
Those of us (and there are many) who donated to the Womanthology Kickstarter project received a very special Valentine's Day gift, a 32 page original compilation of Valentine Day themed strips and pinups from Womanthology contributors Here are five, for the rest, you'll have to track down a Womanthology backer and beg, borrow and plead…   By [...]
A Very Womanthology Weekend
To help promote the upcoming Womanthology graphic anthology, Acme Comics of Greensboro, North Carolina will be running a bit of a moving signing this weekend Starting at 11 am, they will have Ming Doyle (Fantastic Four #600), Janet Lee (Return Of The Dapper Men) and Chrisie Zullo (Cinderella) signing and sketching stuff, before the event[...]
Womanthology Inspires Women In Comics Promotion In January
In January, Diamond Comic Distributors is pushing  instore comic shop promotions, to coincide with the IDW distribution of the independently published Womanthology volume They are creating header and shelf POS for stores to promote certain titles considered female created titles At the same time Dark Horse and Fantagraphics are offering increased discount for stores on[...]
A Very Merry Womanthology Christmas
    People who had backed the Kickstarter-funded Womanthology volume received a rather splendid Christmas present this morning, ahead of the finished printed volume A digital offering, over 40 pages long, of Christmas-related female-formed comics, illustrations and prose, only for those who funded the project Here's a few examples… By Devin Grayson and Sally Stone Thompson By Bridgit[...]
Womanthology – Following The $100,000
Warren Ellis: Wondering if the Womanthology project, which quadrupled its Kickstarter goal, is paying its contributors now? Anyone know? Twitter, especially thanks to a contribution by one Warren Ellis, retweeted by Wil Wheaton, has been asking where the money raised on Kickstarter for the Womanthology comic book is going After all, they only tried to raise[...]
Womanthology: A Modern Cinderella Story  – The Dirk Manning Interview
Dirk Manning writes for Bleeding Cool when he's not doing a million other things. In the light of all the current controversy and discussion about the lack of female creators currently working in the comic industry as comic creators, the irony of WOMANTHOLOGY – a massive anthology comprised strictly and solely by female creators –[...]