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Tuesday Runaround – Brad Looks Glad
Man alive. Wossy Just home from post KickAss party Movie went over GREAT! Nice to meet so many friendly comic book fans! In response to daws Wife's dress tonight by Viv Westwood and yes, I had a chat with mika and brad Pitt Both lovely. WossyWatch: Talking of whom, the website for Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Suspecting Staff, Reviewing Relatives And Watching Walls
But aaron is great as are nic cage and mark strong and chris mintz plasse! @Andrew_Mogford: Oh look @wossy giving his wife's new film a rave review! Apparently it's better than The Dark Knight and every other super hero film! Jonathan Ross: it's way better then dark knight Over rated and dull. TwitterWatch: The Washington Post looks at[...]