Tuesday Runaround – Suspecting Staff, Reviewing Relatives And Watching Walls

SpoilerWatch: The final big-spoiler double splashpage to Blackest Night #7 was uploaded to online image store Photoshack yesterday, a day before official release, and spread around the message boards. Naturally suspicion has been pointed at retail staff at shops that receive Tuesday deliveries in ordeer to have stock up and ready by Wednesday morning opening. Either way, be warned, it is a big spoiler and it's not fake.

KickAssWatch: Saw the first screening of the final cut of Kick Ass last night with all the CGI now finished and a beer in my hand. I'm embargoed till 13th March, but I can say that I bumped into director and co-writer Matthew Vaughan, co-writer Jane Goldman and her husband Jonathan Ross in the foyer afterwards and was able to express my thoughts to them. Just can't share them with you. Jonathan Ross is of course not bound by any such embargo and tweeted;

Just came from first finished KickAss screening! Best super hero film ever!!

Replying to other tweeters;

@ladymunter: That's what everyone said about Watchmen…

Jonathan Ross: I LOVED watchman but i knew it wouldn't crossover. Kick Ass is gonna be massive.

@Marty_Mc Did 'Hit Girl' steal the movie ?

Jonathan Ross: nearly. But aaron is great as are nic cage and mark strong and chris mintz plasse!

@Andrew_Mogford: Oh look @wossy giving his wife's new film a rave review! Apparently it's better than The Dark Knight and every other super hero film!

Jonathan Ross: it's way better then dark knight. Over rated and dull.

TwitterWatch: The Washington Post looks at why #Spider-Man is a trending topic.

2. Also on Tuesday night (ET), the popular Twitter account @FakeAPStylebook published the very funny post: "The correct spelling of 'Spider-Man' takes a hyphen. Knowing this is why we can't get dates."

BelgiumWatch: Since Bleeding Cool was so rude to Belgians the other day, I'd like to apologise with this recommendtation that you try and catch the comic book walls of Antwerp, reminiscent of similar murals we posted for Angouleme.

Tuesday Runaround – Suspecting Staff, Reviewing Relatives And Watching Walls

Tuesday Runaround – Suspecting Staff, Reviewing Relatives And Watching WallsIDWatch: Chris Ryall tries to put the frog back in the box after the gaming press report that the IDW comic Dragon Age has slipped from March to April. He tells everyone it hasn't, it's scheduled for March 31st. So there.

April 1st in the UK, then…

StatWatch: Want to get massive hits for a blog post? Put Batman and Porn in the title. 50,000 new readers suddenly appear from nowhere.

ReviewWatch: Travis Pullen gives Outsiders #27 a right royal roasting – questioning the DC High Five in the prcess.

However, the idea of someone like Didio, who has taken the rope and managed to hang himself twice at the same time somehow, being in charge of the direction of DC in any way, shape or form, is just distressing.

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