Monday Runaround – Mail, Miracleman And McLovin

SnipeWatch: Bleach is being made into a movie. No word yet as to whether Nick Simmons will be providing the soundtrack.

CensorWatch: Steve Bissette looks at Diamond's involvement with the Ratings War, including an attack on the very existence of Miracleman #9 from Steve Geppi in which he starts "We are not censors" before stating that actually Diamond want to be censors. The piece also looks at the firing of Mike Barr and Marv Wolfman from DC for siding with those concerned.

He also catalogues Alan Moore's involvement and how it was a threat from DC that if Moore didn't co-operate with DC that they would publish Watchmen sequels without him, that was the straw that let him to pull his work from DC Comics, as well as editorials from John Byrne and Mark Evanier on the topic. And we have fun from Harlan Ellison to come…

RealWorldWatch: MomsWorld doesn't even notice the Twilight lettering.

HustonWatch: David Brothers surmises that Charlie Huston will be writing Dark Wolverine.

SpinoffWatch: Dynamite will have five Green Hornet series running concurrently.Green Hornet by Kevin Smith, Philip Hester and Jonathan Lau, Green Hornet: Volume One by Matt Wagner and Aaron Campbell, Kato Origins by Jai Nitz and Colton Worley, Kato by Ande Parks and Ale Garza and The Green Hornet Strikes! by Brett Matthews and Ariel Padilla. I bet they hope the film does well.

Monday Runaround – Mail, Miracleman And McLovinDailyMailWatchSpecial: The Daily Mail is a reactionary right-wing British newspaper, the closest we've got to Fox News and famed for headlines that well, read something like ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WITH AIDS GET ABORTIONS UNDER HUMAN RIGHTS LAW – HOUSE PRICES AFFECTED or something along those lines. And naturally people have been wondering how the paper in question will respond to the Kick-Ass movie. Mark Millar made comment on this recently, while noting that he reads the Daily Mail regularly. But it just can't make up its mind.

Back in January last year, columnist Baz Bamigboye was all for it.

You don't mess with Hit Girl. Hidden away in her outfit are guns and knives, and she knows how to use them. I saw Chloe rehearse some stunts and she's wicked with a blade  –  a fact which may upset some people when they see the movie  –  plus, she's an ace gymnast.

'When people see the movie they'll realise that Hit Girl is just a girl who goes after the bad guys. She's just a little girl and this is just a movie. No one is going to seriously think that's what I do in my spare time,' the super-smart Ms Moretz explained to me.

'Hit Girl only kills real bad people,' Vaughn insisted. 'She loses her mum to these thugs and her dad, an ex-cop [played by Nicolas Cage], trains her up so she can defend herself. The movie's not a documentary and it's not real life.'

Then in February this year we had the first assault with the headline Jonathan Ross's wife Jane Goldman causes outrage with film featuring a foul-mouthed 11-year-old assassin

The Daily Mail had already claimed a scalp in Jonathan Ross, souring his relationship with the BBC after a series of ill judged on-air phonecalls. So any further attempt to thrust the knife is always welcome there. And The Daily Mail loves the rentaquote expert;

Frank Furedi, professor of sociology at Kent University, criticised the film industry for not distinguishing between what is suitable for children and adults.

'This promotes the idea that infantilising adulthood is okay and that we are no longer expected to draw lines between us and kids,' he said.


When asked by one U.S. interviewer about the suitability of an 11-year-old using the C-word, Miss Goldman said: 'I think that's the least of our worries.'
Los Angeles media analyst Mike Raia said: 'One of the joint production companies involved is Plan B, which is owned by Brad Pitt.

'I wonder if he and Angelina Jolie would want their own young children to hear kids cussing in Kick-Ass.'

Then last week, there's a sudden turn, with the movie getting positive publicity for Taylor Momsen being chosen for the movie's soundtrack.

Then the paper tried to have its cake and eat it, running the story Is Mrs Ross trying to be even more outrageous than her husband Jonathan? with lines such as

Why does Jane Goldman think it's clever to use violence and swearing as a punchline?

A senior source on the film told me that Jane and everyone else was sure the mixture of gore and juvenile humour would make it a big hit.

'There's nothing a 15-year-old boy would love to see more than this film,' he said. 'We had five spontaneous rounds of applause at a screening.

'It's going to be a massive success.'

How depressing.

But then running through her family life history backfired a little on the Daily Mail, with commenters mostly replying along the lines of Linda from Fife.

Whatever anyone thinks of Jonathan Ross, I think it's great that him and Jane have stuck by each other for 23 years and are still a devoted couple. I also know what she means when she says she went on a first date, got home and thought "I've just met the man I'm going to marry" because the same thing happened to me 26 years ago.

Right now the Daily Mail doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry. The paper that its editor famously said had failed if, at the end of reading a mean article, you didn't hate someone or something seems to be rather divided…

But for now, here's the Mist-Mobile clip from Kick-Ass…

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