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XCOM 2 will be free to play for the next week.
Are you looking forward to playing XCOM: Chimera Squad but don't have any experience with the series? That's no problem Jump into XCOM 2 for the next six days for free, and that should give you an edge, at least when it comes to figuring out how to play strategically The sequel to XCOM: Enemy[...]
XCOM and Trails Fusion Available for PlayStation Plus Members in June
Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus games for June, and XCOM 2 is heading the list alongside Trials Fusion. If you've somehow avoided all mention of XCOM 2, its a tactical turn-based strategy game that takes place 20 years after the Earth was invaded and conquered by aliens Trials Fusion is a platforming racing game which just might[...]
Humble Bundle is Giving Away The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for Free
For the next 48 hours, Humble Bundle is giving away free copies of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Picking up The Bureau also gets you a 10% discount on the Humble monthly subscription. Credit// 2K Marin The game is provided via Steam key for Windows and Mac For key redemption, a free Steam account is required to redeem the[...]
XCOM 2 Is Coming To PlayStation 4 And Xbox One
XCOM 2 is a brilliant title, but it surprised most when it was announced that the game would only be coming to PC It wasn't expected to stay that way, but nothing has been hinted at yet. Well, the silence has been broken Firaxis have today announced that the game is going to be coming to[...]
XCOM 2 Is Getting Pretty Wacky Cosmetic DLC Next Week
One of my favorite things about XCOM 2 is the customization you can bring to your soldiers I can spend hours organizing my team's look just as I want them, making sure I have the coolest multi-national alien fighting team there is. Well, those customization options are improving next week with DLC full of new items[...]
XCOM 2 Devs Didn't Expect Performance Problems But Is Working On Fixes
I really had fun with XCOM 2, and personally, I didn't experience anything but fairly cosmetic performance problems If you look on the internet though, you'll see I appear to be quite unique There are many who have had problems with the game, and the claims are pretty widespread. It seems that these issues caught Firaxis[...]
XCOM 2 Review: X-Calation
I had one residing feeling coming into XCOM 2 Even though I adored the now classic XCOM: Enemy Unknown and hadn't played it since its 2012 release, I had trepidation because I knew the struggle the game had in wait, and if I'm honest, I'd 'been there' I wasn't sure what else XCOM 2 could[...]
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS VITA Port Outted By The ESRB
I feel like I've been hearing about an XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS VITA port for a while now It makes a lot of sense too The game is already on iOS, so getting it on VITA doesn't seem like that big of a step Having that game on the go sounds could be a powerful[...]
XCOM 2 Has Been Delayed To Early 2016
When XCOM 2 was announced just before E3, I was surprised to hear it was coming out this year With such little build up for a sequel to a beloved franchise, it felt a little too low key an announcement. Well, 2K will now have a little bit more build up to play with as the[...]
Get A Look At How Your Base Is Going To Work In XCOM 2
I keep forgetting that XCOM 2 is so soon The tactical alien invasion game will be with us in November, and comes as a sequel to 2012's surprise hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Here is a nice long video to get you primed too It shows the intoduction to your new base 'The Avenger', which is refurbished[...]
XCOM 2 Gameplay Surfaces After E3
I got to see a bunch of XCOM 2 at E3 this year, and… well, it was a lot of XCOM It is pretty much what you would expect from a sequel to the game, only this time, it had a lot more scripted 'cut-scene' type interjections. If they work as advertised, that is exactly the[...]
XCOM 2 Announced As A PC And Mac Exclusive For November Release
XCOM: Enemy Unknown came out in 2013 to really blow away a lot of people's expectations What we got was an incredibly tactical overhead war game that had real stakes and a vast wealth of replayability It was a real favorite of fans, and of mine. That's why I'm excited about the newly announced XCOM 2[...]