XCOM 2 Is Getting Pretty Wacky Cosmetic DLC Next Week


One of my favorite things about XCOM 2 is the customization you can bring to your soldiers. I can spend hours organizing my team's look just as I want them, making sure I have the coolest multi-national alien fighting team there is.

Well, those customization options are improving next week with DLC full of new items to dress your gang in. Coming March 17th, Anarchy's Children will bring over 100 new customization options. They all look pretty Mad Max-like, so you can kit out your team to look a little wild if you are so inclined.

If you own the Reinforcement Pack, you'll get it as part of that, otherwise it is going to be £3.99.

This is a little too 'ou there' for my tastes honestly, but I like that there is a focus on cosmetics at the moment. I'd be interested in seeing more in other styles.

Take a look:

XCOM2_AC_Powered_001 XCOM2_AC_Face_006 XCOM2_AC_Conv_001 XCOM2_AC_Powered_006