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John Constantine Literally Rewrites the Plot of Justice League #63
And found it quite, quite lovely. by Ram V and Xermanico Today's JLD story in Justice League #63 goes into similar territory As John Constantine decided to join Ram V in this endeavour, in rewriting a spell, literally. By Ram V and Xermanico Giving us a double-page spread written by John Constantine Though it's Ram V who will get[...]
Josh Williamson Sells Infinite Frontier #1 To Twitter
This also includes the creative cast of the comic book themselves, with writer Josh Williamson, artist Xermanico, colourist Romula Fajardo Jr, letterer Tom Napolitano, editor Diego Lopez, group editor Jamie S Rich (even though in our universe he's left DC Comics), EIC Marie Javins (presumably back from Hawaii), and publisher Jim Lee commenting in the[...]
The Justice League Get More Meta Than Ever Before (Spoilers)
No, it's the Justice League Dark back-up strip by Ram V and Xermanico set in the Library Of Babel with Ragman coming across something he shouldn't. Justice League Dark by Ram V and Xermanico "At some point one of our characters will learn Zatanna secret, that the Upside Down Man's power and influence lingers within her, growing,[...]
How Did Poison Ivy Meet Harley Quinn? Read DC Love Is A Battlefield
I'm working with an amazing artist to tell a really wonderful story, but I don't think I'm allowed to spill the details yet!" But it seems that he may never be able to spill them as he's not on the final creative list below; But those who are now included are Oscar winner John Ridley, Christos[...]
No Aquaman Comic From DC In March 2021, First Time In Ten Years
Justice League Dark was announced as a returning series from current writer Ram V and artist Xermanico at CCXP a couple, of weeks ago Well, it seems that there is a slip twixt cup and lip DC Comics March 2021 solicits state that it will, instead, be a back-up strip for the new Justice League[...]
Justice League Dark
The new series will be drawn by Xermanico Ram V tweets "So yes! Also confirmed at the CCXP panel Justice League Dark continues with the amazing @Xermanico joining on art duties! The title will continue to be a wild ride :)" Rak V provided the following art peek… Ram V And Xermanico On Justice League Dark[...]